Manage My Account

Below are several options for handling your library account online.
Report a Lost or Stolen Library Card
Reporting a card lost as soon as possible will prevent any misuse of your card. Members are responsible for any activity on their card until the library is notified.
Review My Account
Click here to check your holds, checkouts, and bills (if applicable). Also check to see if your address and contact information are up-to-date.
Change My Email Address
Switched email providers or ISPs? Want to keep receiving notices from the Library? Click here!
Change My PIN
Want to change your PIN? Click here.
Check My Bills
Have an overdue notice? Received a notice for a bill? Click here for more.
Check My Holds
Want to see what items you have on hold right now? Click here for more.
Get a PIN or Replace a Lost PIN
Forgot your PIN? Or are you a new card holder? Click here to set yourself up for accessing your account online.
Get Library Notices Via Email
Tired of waiting for the library to call? Want to know as soon as possible when items are available? You can also get a notice letting you know when items are due, to prevent an overdue fine. Click here to sign up.
Renew My Materials
Renew your items from home, work or school. With few exceptions, most items can be renewed twice on valid library accounts. Click here for more.
Please Note:

Mailing address changes may be made by visiting or calling any Jacksonville Public Library location. Verification of new address is required.

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