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Summer Reading Lists 2015

Below are several summer reading lists supplied by area schools. For more information, visit the Duval County School Board website. Many titles are available at Jacksonville Public Libraries.

Many lists are in PDF format, requiring the use of the
Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in.
Duval County Public Schools
Summer Reading Lists
  • PreK – 5th Grade Reading List
  • Grades 6 – 8 Reading List
  • Grades 9 – 12 Reading List

  • Andrew Jackson High School
  • Atlantic Coast High School
  • Bishop Kenney High School
  • Christian Heritage
  • Christ's Church Academy
  • Douglas Anderson
  • Duncan U. Fletcher Middle School
  • First Baptist Academy
    (See information about Summer Reading under Downloads lower right)
  • First Coast High School
  • Holy Family Catholic Church School
  • James Weldon Johnson Middle School
  • Julia Landon College Preparatory
  • Kernan Middle School
  • Kipp Impact
  • Kirby Smith Middle School
  • Mandarin High School
  • Paxon School
  • Robert E. Lee High School
  • William M. Raines High School