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General Reference

General Reference
Almanacs | Encyclopedias | Associations | Census Data & Demographics | Calculator & Currency Converters | Calendars & Current Time | Dictionaries/Language Translators | Geography & History | Names | Postal | Quotations

General Reference

My Virtual Reference Desk Standard Reference Sources
Fact Check (Annenberg Political Fact Check)
Federal Stats
The Librarians' Index to the Internet
Internet Public Library


Chinese Farmer’s Almanac
Farmers Almanac
Information Please
Natural Disasters from Fact Monster
Old Farmer's Almanac
Those Were the Days
U.S. Naval Observatory Almanac

Encyclopaedia Mythica
Mythology, folklore, and religion
Encyclopedia Smithsonian
Encyclopedia Titanica
Information technology terms


Associations on the Net
National PTA
National 4-H Web

Census Data and Demographics

American FactFinder: Census Info
Population Reference Bureau
Public Library Geographic Database
U.S. Gazetteer: Census Data

Calculators & Currency Converters
Online Conversion
OANDA Currency Converter
Universal Currency Converter

Calendars & Current Time

American Secular Holidays Calendar
Calendar Zone
Current Time
Holidays on the Net
Official U.S. Time
World Time Server

Dictionaries/Language Translators

Acronym Finder: acronyms, abbreviations and definitions
From the Free Dictionary
American Heritage Dictonary of the English Language
Dictionary of Military Terms
Published by the Department of Defense. PDF Document.
Dictionary of Spanish
Google Translate
Languages, BBC
MDBG Chinese-English Dictionary
Free online translation dictionaries. English and Foreign Language

Geography & History

50 States and Capitals
World Factbook
World Flags Database


Baby Names Garden
One of the Internet's leading baby names resources, providing a wealth of information about names and their etymology for visitors.


PackTrack: Track Your Packages
U.S. Zipcode Lookups!input.action
U.S. Postal Rate


Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
(Includes 10 other searchable sources)
Quotation Center
Useful Information: Famous Quotes
Islamic Quotations of Weeks Past
Memorable Quotations: Jewish Writers
African-American quotations
Wedding Toasts