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Legal Information

  NOTICE   The Library provides these links to legal information sites as general public information, not as legal advice, and it assumes no responsibility for damages, direct or indirect, that may result from your use or inability to use these sites.

It is the responsibility of the customer to choose and evaluate the content and accuracy of the sources accessed on the Internet.

General Legal Information

ABA: The American Bar Association
All Law
Information and links contained in this web site are educational only and should not be construed as legal advice.
Attorneys in the Martindale Directory
Code of Federal Regulations
The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is the codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government.
Derechos: Human Rights Links
Works for the promotion of human rights, including spreading related information and analysis through the internet and other media and the support of local human rights NGOs and activists. Available in English and Spanish.
A directory of online tools to use when doing Federal legal research.
The highest-trafficked legal Web site, providing the most comprehensive set of legal resources on the Internet for legal professionals, corporate counsel, law students, businesses, and consumers.
Free Patents Online
The FreePatentsOnline search engine is one of the most powerful, fastest and easiest patent search engines on the web.
How Our Laws are Made
A step-by-step guide to how Federal bills are created, drafted, and passed into laws. Hosted by the Library of Congress.
Focused on making legal information, resources and services easy to find on the Internet. The company provides Internet users with free case law, codes, regulations, legal articles and legal blog databases, as well as community resources.
Law Dictionary
A searchable dictionary of thousands of terms related to laws and regulations.
Law Guru
One of the most popular free service legal web sites on the Internet. Please note that the site does not provide legal advice.
Law Library of Congress: Nations of the World
Information on the government and legal structure provided in all countries of the world, including the United States. Internet Law Library
The U.S. Code, hosted by
A searchable directory from LexisNexis of lawyers across the United States.
Legal Information Institute
A service provided by the Cornell Institute of Law. Materials include a search engine, collections of laws including the U.S. Code and Constitution and much more.
National Women’s Law Center
The official site of the organization that has been at the forefront of landmark legal and public policy initiatives to improve the lives of women, girls and families since 1972.
Offers affordable, plain-English books, forms and software on a wide range of legal issues, including wills, estate planning, retirement, elder care, personal finance, taxes, housing, real estate, divorce and child custody. We also offer materials on human resources, employment, intellectual property, and starting and running a small business.
OpenJurist's mission is to provide access to published court opinions without charge. We currently have over 600,000 opinions from the United States Supreme Court and United States Courts of Appeals from the First, Second and Third series of The Federal Reports.
Personal Injury Lawyer
Directory from Martindale.
Public Records Locator
A large, up-to-date and reliable directory of public records on the Internet.
The U.S. Government’s Official Web Portal
Women’s Human Rights Resources
Collects, organizes and disseminates information on women's human rights law to facilitate research, teaching and cooperation.
SumoBrain provides intellectual property searching for attorneys, corporate researchers and inventors. All our services are completely free

9-11 Legal Information

JURIST: Terrorism Law & Policy 9-11-2001 News & Legal Resources

Specific Legal Areas

Gives you the "straight skinny" on copyright and helps you manage your intellectual property.
Divorce Support
Provides divorce information on family law topics such as; divorce, child custody, visitation, child support, alimony and property division.
Gun Laws
Gun Laws
Provides information on current laws and court cases regarding gun rights and regulations.
Identity Theft
ID Theft
A one-stop national resource to learn about the crime of identity theft.
Vehicle Lemon Laws
Lemon Law Information and Sites

Local & State Laws

Duval County Law Library
Contact information and hours for the local law library. For more in-depth legal information than the library can provide. Also check here for more information.
Financial News & Daily Record / Jacksonville Bar Bulletin
FLABAR: Florida Bar Online
Florida Constitution & Statutes
Florida State Courts: Family Law (click on Self-Help Center)
MUNICODE: Municipal Code by State
Contained on this website are Codes for more than 1,600 local governments in searchable online databases, and information about many other services and products including custom publishing and document management.