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Movies, Film & Television

General Information

Internet Movie Database
Arguably the most exhaustive resource for all manner of film and television information. Includes comprehensive listings for films past, present and future, extensive actor biographies, numerous search options, a news feed, and too much more to list. IMDB would be the best starting point for film questions.
Video ETA
Find out when a movie or TV show wil be released in the theaters or on DVD.

Reviews & Previews

Ain’t It Cool News
Created by Harry Knowles, this popular movie review & preview site gathers the latest news and rumours in the industry. Columns include the state of cinema, underground movies, foreign films, as well as new releases at theaters.
Cinematic Happenings Under Development (CHUD).com
A movie review & preview site where you can join discussion boards with fellow critics and let your voice be heard. Columns include the state of cinema, underground movies, foreign films, as well as new releases at theaters and on DVD.
Film Journal Online
The online home of this venerable trade publication, covering every aspect of the motion picture industry. The site hosts industry news, movie reviews, feature articles, and distribution and equipment guides.
Rotten Tomatoes
An extensive movie review site where you can join in with other prominent and not-so-prominent movie critics and let your voice be heard. Rotten Tomatoes covers a little bit of everything, and subjects it all to the Tomatometer.

Film Festivals

Film Festival Server
A portal site for film festivals and film news. Festival listings are searchable by time, place, or name of festival.
Jacksonville Film Festival
Even Jacksonville has a film festival now! And it’s quite an ambitious event. Usually held in the late spring, this is the best place to keep up with all the news and happenings relating to the annual festival.

Award Winners

Film Independent Spirit Awards
Independent Film Organization'’s Spirit Awards.
The official site of the Academy Awards offers considerable coverage to the current year’s winners and ceremonies, but the "Legacy" section provides an excellent multimedia roundup of Oscar’s history.


Listings and reviews of popular American television programs of the past.
E network
Television network devoted to television and entertainment news.
Episode Guides
Episode listings for over 6500 TV Shows.
Episode guides, cast and crew information, analysis, polls, reviews...
TV Guide
Listings, reviews, news articles on television and movies.
Film and television industry links.