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School Facts Jax

Your one-stop source for comprehensive information about performance and progress in Duval County Public Schools.

General Information

Free study guides online! Subjects include literature, writing, foreign languages, math, sciences and more!
Department of Education
ERIC on FirstSearch
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For K-12

National Parent Teacher Association
Local Schools
Duval County Public Schools
A system that encompasses the 19th largest school district in the United States.
Duval County Public Schools - Parent Academy
Created to promote parental involvement and enhance student achievement.
Duval County School Board
This elected entity is the official policy-making body for all education-related issues in Duval County Public Schools.
Florida School Grades - School Accountability Reports
Data and information collected by the Florida Department of Education for all educational levels - from kindergarten through graduate school.

Florida Parent Educators Association
Home Education Magazine: Tools & Resources

For the College Bound

Affordable Colleges Online
This site helps students navigate the school search, understand how to approach the application process, and succeed in college.
Chronicle of Higher Education
College Net
E-College Finder
Money for College has brought financial resources together all in one place.
Peterson’s Education Center
Financial Aid
College Financial Aid
Florida Prepaid College Program
FAFSA (Federal Student Aid) on the Web
Offers a scholarship search service and assists parents and students as they look for ways to pay for college. Pell College Scholarship & Grant Advisor

Colleges and Universities
Accredited Online Colleges
Accredited Online Colleges lets you search through countless accredited schools, based on a variety of criteria, to find the accredited college that best meets your needs.
Edward Waters College
A private institution founded in 1866 specifically to educate newly freed slaves. It is the oldest private institution of higher education in Florida.
Florida A&M University
Florida Coastal School of Law
An ABA accredited, for profit- law school founded in 1996.
Florida State College at Jacksonville
The fourth largest of its kind in the nation, Florida State College at Jacksonville has five campuses in the Jacksonville area, and five additional centers that host classes and programs.
Florida State University
Jacksonville University (JU)
A private university founded in 1934 and located on the shore of the St. Johns River.
Jones College
A private college founded in 1918 and accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).
Keiser University
A regionally accredited, for-profit, private, four-year career college offering Bachelor's and Associate degrees for careers in business, criminal justice, health care, technology, hospitality and education.
Remington College in Orlando, FL
Orlando-area associate’s degree program, based out of Heathrow, FL, provides the training needed to help you qualify for an entry-level position as an Occupational Therapy Assistant.
Remington College Tampa Campus
Remington College's Tampa Campus offers Bachelor's, Associate's and Diploma programs. Programs offered include: Criminal Justice, Computer and Network Administration and Personal Fitness Training.
University of Florida
University of North Florida
A private facility founded in 1969, UNF recently ranked fifth in the nation by the Princeton Review on its list of "America's Best Value Colleges."
University of South Florida

For Educators

Brownielocks and the Three Bears
A collection of fun holiday related puzzles, graphics, and songs.
Global Schoolhouse
Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators
What Works in Public Education


Intern Zoo
A dedicated online internship database for students across the country.