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General Reference

The ESPN Information Please Sports Almanac.
796.05 ESPN 2003 [REFERENCE]
An annual covering the events of the previous year in baseball; college and pro football; college and pro basketball; hockey; other college sports; international sports; the Olympics; soccer; bowling; horse racing; tennis; golf; auto racing; and boxing. Each chapter includes a "Through The Years" section of historical information pertaining to its particular sport.
NCAA Sportsfront
The official website of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The site includes rules, news, and administrative information.

Biographical Sources

The Scribner Encyclopedia of American Lives : Sports Figures.
Short biographical essays on 614 sports figures - mainly athletes, but also including coaches, administrators, and officials - representing sports from auto racing to wrestling. Entries average about two pages: almost all include a photograph and a short bibliography.

History of Sports

Professional Sports Team Histories
Four volumes, one each for baseball, basketball, football and hockey. Each volume contains lengthy prose essays (about twenty pages on average) on the history of every major-league professional sports team in existence (as of the mid-1990s) in each of North America's four major professional sports.

Sports Rules

Rules of the Game : the complete illustrated encyclopedia of all the sports of the world / by the Diagram Group.
Summaries of the rules of over 150 sports. Copiously illustrated with drawings and diagrams of playing areas, uniforms, and equipment. Contact information is given for the governing bodies of most (not all) sports included.
Sports Rules Encyclopedia / Jess R. White [editor].
"The complete official rules" or excerpts from the official rulebooks, for 51 different sports. Each entry includes contact information for the sport's governing body in the USA; some entries include a list of periodicals devoted to the particular sport. Two appendixes: "Organizations Concerned with Sports for the Handicapped" and "Additional Rules Sources" (for sports not covered).
Website : Sports
"Welcome to your one-stop search for any Sports Rules you need."
Field & Stream
Golf Magazine
Runners' World
The Sporting News
Sports Illustrated

Specific Sports

Auto Racing
NASCAR Encyclopedia / edited by Peter Golenbock and Greg Fielden.
Includes historical and statistical information on stock-car racing from 1949 through the end of the 2002 season. The main section is an alphabetical listing of drivers with career and season statistics. Other sections include career leaders; listings of the top fifty drivers of each year; a section on car owners; a listing of NASCAR tracks; and results of all NASCAR races.
Total Baseball: the official encyclopedia of major league baseball / edited by John Thorn ... [et al.]. -- 6th ed.
796.35674 TOTAL 1999 [REFERENCE]
The definitive source for statistical information on every player or manager to appear in at least one major-league baseball game between 1871 and 1995. Also includes all-time team rosters; an annual listing of teams and players from 1876 onward; sections on the Negro Leagues and the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League; a register of trades; and box scores for all playoff, World Series, and All-Star Games.
The website of Major League Baseball. It includes (among other things) links to individual teams, standings and schedule information, and online stores and ticket purchasing.
Baseball Almanac
"Everything you want to know about baseball is on this site-history, rosters, statistics, and even jokes and songs." - National Geographic (Geographica : April 2004 Issue)
Encyclopedia of College Basketball / Mike Douchant.
A chronological prose history of college basketball, from the game's invention through the 1993-94 season. Other sections include registers of noteworthy players and coaches; women's college basketball; and a directory of Division I schools and conferences.
The Official NBA Basketball Encyclopedia / edited by Alex Sachare. -- 2nd ed.
796.32364 OFFICIAL 1994 [REFERENCE]
Short prose sections on each NBA season from the formation of the league through the 1993-94 season, with a prose history of the pre-NBA professional game. Also includes a biographical register of players; short chapters on noteworthy coaches and referees; a history of the American Basketball Association; complete playing rules; and a biographical register of players.
The website of the National Basketball Association, themajor professional basketball organization in North America. The website includes (among other things) links to individual teams, standings and schedule information, and online stores and ticket purchasing.
The Boxing Register : the International Boxing Hall of Fame official record book / by James B. Roberts and Alexander G. Skutt.
Contains biographical sketches, two pages or so in length, of all the members (fighters and "non-combatants" alike) of the International Boxing Hall of Fame in Canastota, New York. Fighters' entries include complete records, and a list of "selected bouts" with date, opponent, site, result, and (where applicable) titles won, retained, or lost.


College Football Encyclopedia / Robert Ours.
796.33263 OURS [REFERENCE]
All-time records, team histories, and similar information for eighty-seven schools in the National College Athletic Association's Division 1-A. Coverage is up to and including the 1992 season. Appendixes include tables of individual awards; a listing of national championship teams; top all-time coaching records; and a section of "miscellaneous records."
Total Football II : the official encyclopedia of the National Football League / [editors], Bob Carroll ... [et al.] ; Matthew Silverman, managing editor.
796.332 TOTAL 1999 [REFERENCE]
The history of professional football from its beginnings in the late 19th century through the 1998 season. The emphasis is on the National Football League, with some coverage of pre-NFL pro football and other leagues. Includes biographical and statistical registers of NFL players and head coaches; franchise histories; and a plethora of other information.
The official website of the National Football League. The website includes (among other things) links to individual teams, standings and schedule information, and online stores and ticket purchasing.
Golf Magazine's Encyclopedia of Golf : the complete reference / the editors of Golf magazine. -- 2nd ed.
796.352 GOLF 1993 [REFERENCE]
History of golf; statistics and results of all major championships; biographical section; rules discussion and reprinted rulebook; golf course architecture; index and glossary of golf terms.
Total Hockey : the official encyclopedia of the National Hockey League / Dan Diamond, editor. -- 2nd ed.
796.962 Total 2000 [REFERENCE]
A huge compendium (almost 2000 pages) of hockey-related information. Six major subdivisions: "Origins," "The State of the Game," "The National Hockey League," "Junior and Other Pro Hockey," "The International Game," "Other Facets of the Game," and "Statistical and Biographical Registers." Statistical information covers all NHL players up to and including the 1999-2000 season. Entries in other sections are in prose, generally about 2000 words each. No index, but the table of contents is sufficiently detailed to make up for it.
The official Web site of the National Hockey League. The website includes (among other things) links to individual teams, standings and schedule information, and online stores and ticket purchasing.
Horse Racing
The Original Thoroughbred Times Racing Almanac
An annual source, covering the events of the previous year in horseracing via prose, tables, and graphs. Most coverage is of American racing, but an international section is also included.
Outdoor sports
Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia : revised & expanded / by Vin T. Sparano
799.03 Sparano 1998 [REFERENCE & NONFICTION]
Coverage of all major outdoor activities: hunting and shooting, fishing, camping, boating, archery and bowhunting, and camping. Sections on survival, first aid, and sources of further information are also included. Copiously illustrated with B/W photos, drawings, and charts; well-indexed.
K.I.S.S. Guide to Sailing / Steve Sleight.
A lavishly illustrated and clearly written guide for the prospective sailor, covering all the necessary terms, skills, equipment and supplies. Most useful for beginners, as the author starts with the basics and assumes no prior knowledge.
Skin Diving & Scuba Diving
Ned DeLoach's Diving Guide to Underwater Florida. -- 9th ed.
Descriptions of diving locations along Florida's coastlines and freshwater springs. Entries include maps; descriptions of reefs, shipwrecks, and other underwater features; latitude and longitude coordinates; and notes on marine life that may be seen at each location. Also includes short prose features on treasure hunting; Florida's diving laws; marine life; and an overview of spring diving.
DK World Soccer Yearbook, 2002-3 : the complete guide to the game / David Goldblatt.
Coverage of events in world soccer during this time period, including the 2002 World Cup. Includes entries on the history and current soccer-related events in all soccer-playing countries. Lavishly illustrated with photos, graphics, and diagrams. Also includes overviews and history of major tournaments.
Total Tennis : the ultimate tennis encyclopedia / [edited by] Bud Collins
Summaries of each year's events in tennis from 1919 to 2002 (with a chapter, "Roots of the Game," covering the time from the game's invention to 1918). History of major tournaments, with tables of winners; reprints of notable tennis-related articles; biographical sketches and statistical register of notable players.