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Music Books & Scores : a Guide to the Collection

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Finding Books About Music & Musicians

Reference books

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As with other subject areas, the library's books about music and musicians are cataloged and shelved according to the Dewey Decimal system.

The Dewey Decimal system provides that books with similar subject matter will be shelved together, but complete consistency is not always possible because of revisions to the classification scheme. The following shows the basic organization of books about music, with earlier classification numbers indicated in italics.

780 Music : General
780.23 Music Business [See also: 338.4778]
780.3 Music Dictionaries (General)
780.65 Music Publishing [See also: 070.5794]
780.92 Musician biographies
[Older biographies are grouped alphabetically by the subject; newer ones are shelved under the author's name, or with books on a specific style or type of music.]
780.99 Music of different Countries
781 General Principles & Musical Forms
781.2 Elements of Music (melody, harmony, etc.)
781.24 Notation
781.3 Harmony
781.4 Counterpoint
781.49 Recording technique
781.5 Kinds of music
781.5 Form, Jazz
781.573 Blues
781.61 20th Century compositional techniques
781.62 Folk music
781.64 Popular music
781.65 Jazz [See also: 781.5, 785.42]
781.66 Rock
781.68 Classical music appreciation
781.7 Sacred Music
Ethnic Music
782 Vocal Music
782.1 Opera
782.2 Sacred Choral Music
782.4 Songs, Song Writers &, Singers [See also: 784-784.5]
782.81 Musical Theater
783 Music for Single Voices [Sacred Music]
784 Instruments & Instrumental Ensembles
784.2092 Conductors
785 Chamber Music [See also: 785.7]
785.0284 Orchestration
786 Keyboard Instruments, etc.
786.2-786.4 Piano
786.7 Electronic music [See also: 789.99]
786.8-786.9 Percussion [See also: 789]
787 Stringed Instruments
787.6-787.8 Guitar
788 Wind Instruments
789 Percussion, Mechanical and Electronic Instruments

Finding Printed Music

Tip: When searching in JAXCAT for a specific song, perform a keyword search and enclose the title within quotations, e.g., "star-spangled banner"

Tip: When searching in JAXCAT, you may select Circulating musical score or Reference musical score under Limit by material type.

The Main Library's collection of songbooks includes a wide variety of popular music styles and jazz standards. They are cataloged using the Dewey classification system.

The Main Library's collection of classical scores includes both study and performing editions. They are cataloged using the Library of Congress classification system, which organizes them primarily by performance medium (e.g., solo piano, string quartet, full orchestra, chorus).