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When in doubt, try Try key words like "prints," "stamp auctions," "stamp dealers," etc.

The listings below just scratch the surface of this exploding media universe.


Prints & Printmaking
Google Directory
Annotated listing of sites from the "largest human-edited directory on the web."
Yahoo! Search Directory: Printmaking
Classified and annotated directory of websites, from the oldest and best-known online navigational guide to the Web.
Printmaking Links
Compiled by Middle Tennessee State University.
General Printmaking
From The Philadelphia Printshop, Ltd. Site includes
"What is a Print?"
Interactive presentation of printmaking techniques, from New York's Museum of Modern Art.
Prints Collections
Spencer Museum of Art Printroom, University of Kansas
Included is information on Print Connoisseurship, with basic information about marks, inscriptions, and monograms on prints, and information about basic conservation issues.
University of Montana: Printmaking
Includes examples of students' work.
The Museum of the City of New York: Prints and Photographs Collection
About the museum's collection.
Berlin's Museum of Prints and Drawings.
San Diego Museum of Arts Collections
Click on the "Prints & Drawings" link.
Philadelphia Museum of Art: Prints, Drawings and Photographs
About the museum's collection.
Library of Congress : Prints & Photographs Reading Room
Provides "access to about 60% of the still pictures held by the Prints & Photographs Division, as well as some images found in other units of the Library."

Stamp Collecting

American Philatelic Society
Web site of the American Philatelic Society and of the American Philatelic Research Library.
Offered by the weekly standard journal in North America, Linn's Stamp News.
Stamp Domain
United Kingdom site for stamp facts by country, dealers, auction houses, commercial.

Sports Cards

American Memory: Baseball Cards, 1887-1914
Library of Congress baseball cards
Paper Money WWW Directory
Hobbies, Crafts and Collectibles (Ocean County Library)