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Graphic Arts : the Dewey Line-up & Common Subject Headings

The Dewey Line-up
Common Subject Headings

The Dewey Line-up

A Modest Summation
760 Graphic Arts in general, including art forms driven by the new technologies such as CAD (computer assisted design), digital illustration, and photocopier creations. Included here also, though not exclusively, are indexes of prints and auction price guides.
760.09Histories of prints and drawings
760.092Biographical materials on certain graphic artists
760.28Encyclopedic examinations of printmaking techniques
761Relief processes (Block printing)
761.092Biographical and illustrative materials on individual graphic artists
763Lithography and monoprints
764 Chromolithography, Serigraphy (Screen Printing)
765Metal Engraving
765.092Engravers' biographies and illustrative works
767Etching & Dry-point
769Prints (General works)
769.12Print collecting & prices
769.497Sports-related collectible cards
769.5Posters, tarot & playing cards, paper dolls, postcards & paper collectibles
769.55Paper money
769.56Postage stamps
769.9Printmaking history
769.904Twentieth Century Printmaking.
769.92Biographies of print-makers (e.g., Piranesi, Blake, Escher)
769.922Printmakers' Directories
769.924Individual Printmakers
769.94European printmaking styles (e.g., Renaissance, Surrealism) and printmakers (e.g., Dürer, Rembrandt, Goya, Mucha)
769.952Japanese printmakers (e.g., Hokusai & Hiroshige)
769.973American printmakers (e.g., Revere, Currier & Ives, Cassatt, Sloan, Shahn, Benton, Warhol, Max)
769.98Latin American printmakers (e.g., Orozco & Rivera)

Common Subject Headings

Graphic Arts
Graphic arts
Printmakers, American
Prints--Collectors and Collecting
Prints--Conservation and Restoration
Prints, American [French, Japanese, etc.]
Prints as an investment
Relief printing
Screen process printing
Plant prints
Covers (Philately)
Postage stamps
Postage stamps--Catalogs
Postage stamps--Collectors and Collecting
Postage stamps as an investment
Stamp collecting
Sports Cards
Paper money
Paper money--Catalogs
Paper money--Collectors and collecting
Paper money--Confederate States of America
Paper money--United States
Sports Cards
Baseball cards
Basketball cards
Football cards
Hockey cards
Sports cards