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Dramatic Music Pathfinder : Musical Theater & Opera

Musical Theater

Encyclopedia of Musical Theatre / Kurt Gänzl. -- 2nd ed.
782.1403 G211enc, 2001 [REFERENCE]
Including over 4000 entries in 3 volumes, this engaging and thoroughly-researched set provides a comprehensive look at musical theater, beginning in the 18th century and continuing through the 20th. Includes a wealth of information about the people, songs, and shows, including plot summaries and production details.
American Musical Theatre : a Chronicle / Gerald Bordman. -- 2nd ed.
782.140973 B729a, 1992 [REFERENCE]
Providing a chronological narrative of the American musical theater from its European origins through the 1989-90 Broadway season, this standard work offers insightful and entertaining commentary in addition to production facts. Includes indices for "Shows and Sources," "Songs," and "People."
A Chronology of American Musical Theater / Richard C. Norton.
Intended as a companion to Bordman's "American Musical Theatre: A Chronicle," this 3-volume set provides a "comprehensive picture of the popular American Musical Theatre as presented on first-class stages in New York City, from 1850 to the present, seen through the details of its theatre programs." Although the information is not as detailed as that provided in Bordman's work, it covers many more productions.
American song : the complete musical theatre companion / Ken Bloom. -- 2nd ed.
782.140973 B655a 1996 v.1-2 [REFERENCE]
A reference guide to over 4,800 American musical productions between 1900 and 1994, including complete song lists for over 4,300 shows. In addition to Broadway musicals, coverage includes major regional productions and foreign shows by American composers. Entries list producers, original cast members, and premiere dates. Companion volumes to American song : the complete companion to Tin Pan Alley song (782.140973 B655a, 2001 v.3-4 REFERENCE])

The American Musical Theater Reference Library
"Listed within this site is an ever growing collection of information for theater professionals (e.g. address, phone, fax), including direct links to web sites and e-mail."
IBDB: Internet Broadway Database
"IBDB (Internet Broadway Database) archive is the official database for Broadway theatre information. IBDB provides records of productions from the beginnings of New York theatre until today. ... The pride of IBDB is its accuracy and comprehensiveness." Includes information about non-musical shows, as well as musicals.


The New Grove Dictionary of Opera / edited by Stanley Sadie.
782.103 N532 [REFERENCE]
Published in 1992, this 4-volume set remains the primary reference work for opera. Besides defining terminology, it provides a wealth of information on composers, performers, opera companies, and the history of opera in major cities. There are also lengthy plot summaries of individual operas.

Center Stage : Opera on DVD
A guide to the opera dvd collection available from the Jacksonville Public Library. Includes links to biographies of the composers and plot summaries for all the operas in the Library's collection. Also includes links to opera websites.
Opera Glass
Information from Stanford University, including: full Librettos (original language only); plot summaries; links to international opera company web pages.