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Information Resources

Among the many resources Jacksonville Public Library makes available to the public are electronic books, specialized databases, recommended websites, and newspaper and magazine collections.

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Printable List
Sample Categories:
Covers topics such as immediate news and business affairs.
Covers topics ranging from ancient history to biographies of notable persons.
Covers topics related to education, as well as databases designed for use by children.
Covers topics such as poetry, short fiction, novels, non-fiction, and what to read next.
Health & Wellness
Covers health and medicine.
General Information
Provides encyclopedic and dictionary-style information.
Spanish Language
Information in Spanish, includes general news as well as educational and ethnic interests.
Resources for Readers
Hot Titles at the Library
Lists of bestsellers, award winners and other popular items available for holds via JAXCAT. Lists include the NY Times Bestsellers and Hugo, Newbery, and Pulitzer Prizes.
Books & Libraries Recommended Links
Recommended sites on books from different genres such as Romance and Science Fiction, Literature, Poetry, and more.
Suggested Reading for Younger Readers
Suggested Summer reading material for younger readers, from the Duval County School Board. Also has information useful for parents in developing children's reading levels.
Suggested Author List
A page crafted by JPL Librarians to promote early reading. Adapted from Florida's Just Read, Families!

Electronic Books (eBooks)
Gale Virtual Reference Library
A collection of downloadable reference eBooks available from the Florida Electronic Library and Jacksonville Public Library, the Virtual Reference Library includes MacMillan's Biology, the Gale Encyclopedias on Alternative Medicine, Cancer, Genetic Disorders, Medicine, Multicultural America, Popular Culture, World of Earth Science, and Beacham's Guide to the Endangered Species of North America and as of 11/2010, 205 new titles.
Email Book Preview
Join our Online Book Clubs and start reading books in your email!
NetLibrary eBook Checkout
Nearly 3,500 texts are available.
Project Gutenberg
A volunteer effort, it is the largest collection of free electronic books (eBooks) in the world. Most texts are public domain items, such as Shakespeare, classic Greco-Roman texts, and more.
Magazines & Newspapers
Newspaper Collection
A listing of newspapers collected by JPL available in print and on microfilm.
Florida Newspapers Online
Direct links to the online editions of over fifty Florida newspapers.
Recommended Newslinks
News sites recommended by JPL staff.

Recommended Websites
Lists of recommended websites ranging from the Arts to Hurricanes to Travel & Leisure.
Using the Internet
Search Engines
A list of search engines from KartOO to Google.
Subject Directories
A list of resources where topics are created by librarians and subject specialists.
A list of web-based email providers and more.
Internet Guides & How-Tos
Guides and workbooks designed to help people use the Internet.
Internet Security
Links to sources that provide computer security software.
Links to sources that help find advanced information on the Web.
Wireless Internet
The wireless access that JPL provides to all visitors.