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Transparent Language Online

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Transparent Language Online

In the future, you may navigate to this database:

  • Click E-Research on the green Resources menu
  • Access the database from the alphabetized list

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To Learn More About the Database First...

Transparent Language Online is a unique application that bridges the gap between learning a language online and using that language in the real world by allowing users to do both in one program. It features a scientifically-proven methodology, a wide variety of high-quality learning material, and seamless integration of real-life language use by native speakers - all packaged together in an easy-to-use interface that can be accessed at any time and from any computer with Internet access.

The Essentials Courses included for some languages in Transparent Language Online are:

  • These units are made up of lessons and activities which provide beginners and advanced beginners with the clear learning path and structure they need to succeed, while at the same time allowing more experienced users the flexibility to focus on the exercises that best suit their needs. Designed with travelers and adventure-seekers in mind, Essentials Courses appeal to those who are looking for an easy, quick way to get started in a new language.

  • Each course consists of a series of units that cover common situations:
    • getting around the city
    • eating out
    • shopping and handling money
    • getting to know people
    • dealing with emergencies, and so on.

  • Create an account to save and retrieve ongoing lessons:
    • When accessing this database remotely, you will see "Sign Up With Barcode or User ID"
    • When clicked, you will be asked for bar code which is your library card number.
    • Enter your library card number using lower case letters to create an account to save and retrieve ongoing lessons.


A English for Korean J S
Afrikaans English for Malay Japanese Scottish Gaelic
Albanian English for Norwegian   Serbian
Altai English for Polish   Slovak
Arabic, Iraqi English for Portuguese, Brazilian K Spanish, Castilian
Arabic, Levantine English for Romanian Kazakh Spanish, Latin American
Armenian, Modern Standard English for Russian Korean Spanish, Latin American for Portuguese, Brazilian
Armenian English for Spanish, Latin American  
Azerbaijani English for Swahili L Swahili
  English for Tagalog Latin Sweden
  English for Thai Latvian  
B English for Urdu Lithuanian T
Balinese English for Vietnamese Luxembourgish Tagalog
Bashkir Esperanto   Tajiki
Belorussian Estonian M Thai
Bengali   Macedonian Turkish
Bosnian F Malay Turkmen
Bulgarian Farsi Mirandese Tuven
Buriat Finnish Mongolian  
  French for Arabic, Modern Standard   U
C French for Portuguese, Brazilian N Ukrianian
Chechen French for Spanish, Latin American Norwegian Urdu
Chinese, Cantonese French, Canadian   Uzbek - Cyrillic
Chinese, Mandarin     Uzbek - Latin
Cree   O  
Croatian G Oji-Cree  
Czech Georgian Ojibwe V
  German Ojibwe, Central Vietnamese
  German for Portuguese, Brazilian Ojibwe, Northwestern  
D German for Spanish, Latin American    
Dakota Greek   W
Danish   P Welsh for English, British
Dari   Pashto  
Dutch H Polish  
  Haitian Creole Portuguese, Brazilian Z
  Hausa Portuguese, Brazilian for Spanish, Latin American Zulu
E Hebrew  
English for Arabic, Modern Standard Hindi Portuguese, European  
English for Chinese, Mandarin      
English for Czech      
English for Farsi I R  
English for French Icelandic Romanian  
English for German Indonesian Russian  
English for Greek Irish    
English for Hindi Italian    
English for Indonesian Italian for Portuguese, Brazilian    
English for Italian Italian for Spanish, Latin American    
English for Japanese