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The African American Experience (An ABC-CLIO Database)

To access the African American Experience web site now,
click the (In-Library Use) link or the (Remote Access) link below:

ABC-CLIO The African American Experience

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In the future, you may navigate to this database:

  • Click E-Research on the green Resources menu
  • Access the database from the alphabetized list

Rosa Parks on Montgomery Bus
Rosa Parks on Montgomery Bus

Martin Luther King Jr.
Martin Luther King Jr.
Eldridge Cleaver, the Black Panther Movement
Eldridge Cleaver, the Black Panther Movement

Angela Davis, Social Activist and Black Panther
Angela Davis, Social Activist and Black Panther

To Learn More About the Database First...

The African American experience encompasses the contributions of myriad individuals from the black community who have achieved success in the arts, science, business, the military, and in politics as well as nameless others that endured the travails of slavery and institutionalized discrimination. A collection that taps a tremendous variety of sources is required to cover a topic of this magnitude and the importance to understanding African American history and its relation to greater U.S. history.

The American Mosaic: The African American Experience is the definitive electronic research tool for African American history and culture.


  • Contains over 250 primary documents, including slave narratives, speeches, court cases, quotations, advertisements, statistics, and other documentation
  • Exclusive Analyze sections pose complex questions and offer various viewpoints on each controversy
  • Provides Era Stories directly tied to associated primary source documents, images, and other classroom resources
  • Includes over 1,500 photographs, maps, and other images


  • Offers the widest-ranging, easiest-to-use online collection on African American life ever assembled
  • Covers the experiences of African Americans in the United States from their first arrival in the Americas through to the present day, and includes material on African origins
  • Facilitates in-depth research for students at all levels to support courses in history, literature, political science, art, music, and other research fields
  • Makes it easy for students to consult an extensive array of primary source materials, including the slave narratives and other firsthand accounts, in both print and audio formats