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Home Energy Evaluation Kit

Home Energy Evaluation Kit Workshops


Looking for ways to reduce your energy bill?

You can save money by making your home more energy efficient.
Check out a do-it-yourself Home Energy Evaluation kit, available free with your library card at all Jacksonville Public Library locations.

Making your home energy efficient is now easier than ever!

This is your chance to find out just how much you could be losing through those small cracks in your window seal, or how much its costing when you donít power down those fun electronic games like the Wii ô you spent hours last night playing. What about your refrigerator thatís been long over due for a replacement? It might be costing you more money than a monthly payment for a new one.

This do-it yourself kit is the first step toward discovering hidden costs in your home and your next step to saving those extra dollars toward a more worth-while cause. Want an even more incentive? How about incentives that can help pay for going more green!

Check out this free do-it yourself kit at your nearest library location and get saving!

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