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Gift Book Program Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I make my donation online using a credit or debit card?

A: Online Gift Book Drive donations can be made through the Jacksonville Public Library Foundation website at .

Q: Are cash donations to the library tax deductible?

A: Yes.

Q: What type of receipt will I receive?

A: A copy of your completed Cash Donation Acknowledgment Form will serve as your receipt for tax purposes. Donors making gifts online through the JPL Foundation will receive an “e-Receipt” via e-mail.

Q: Can I customize a message to the person I am honoring with the gift book?

A: Yes. You can write a brief tribute or memorial message to commemorate the occasion in the space provided on the Gift Book Drive online form. A bookplate will be printed and placed in the book for donations of $25 or more.

Q: How does the Gift Book Program support the library?

A: Your donation allows the library to add new resources and materials to our library collection. Gifts like these allow us to stretch our finite resources and prioritize funds where they are most needed. These contributions also bring the gift of literacy and access to all public library users. This is especially important during difficult economic times when funding for services, materials and programs is most vulnerable.

Q: Can I donate books or other materials instead of money?

A: Absolutely! For a more detailed description of the types of materials we accept, please read the library’s Donation Policy .