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Library Cards

Library Cards Services
Want a library card? Check here for information on applying for library cards as well as information on renewals, holds, and other items related to using or obtaining library cards and/or materials.


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Ask A Librarian
Ask a Librarian is a free online information service provided by Florida libraries. Library staff from public, academic, school, and special libraries throughout Florida answer your chat questions in real time. Jacksonville Public Library staff will answer your email questions. You can also visit our branches for in-person reference assistance.
Book a Librarian
Would you like a personal introduction to resources available at the Main Library? Need more time with a librarian than you can get over the phone or if you just walk in? Then use this form to Book a Librarian.
Career Online High School
Career Online High School (COHS) is an online high school diploma and career certification program funded by the Jacksonville Public Library. This program offers a limited number of scholarships to qualified adult students.
CareerSource of Northeast Florida has partnered with the Jacksonville Public Library to offer job seeker services to the public.
Catalog, Library
Users may browse videos and DVDs, place items on hold, and more by searching our catalog.
Center for Adult Learning
Having a hard time reading? Or do you want to help those with lower reading skills? JPL provides this service to help promote adult literacy.
Closed Caption Movie Series
The Talking Book/Special Needs Library will be showing a movie in Closed Captions on the first Thursday of each month. Movies will start at 10:30 a.m. and be shown in the Auditorium on the Conference Level of the Main Library. To view our current schedule, click here.
Computer Classes
Many library locations have classes on using personal computers. Class topics range from learning how to use the mouse and keyboard to using the library's catalog to tips and techniques about Microsoft Word. Space for classes is limited to the number of computers in the lab where the class is hosted, so please pre-register for the class(es) you wish to take.
Computer Services
The library provides free public access to all library card holders. Check here for information on using the Internet, peripheral devices, and public computers in the library.
Described Movie Series
The Talking Book/Special Needs Library will be showing a Described Movie program for the blind, visually impaired and senior citizens. This program is currently being held in the Main Library Auditorium on the third Friday of each month at 10:00 a.m. To view our current schedule, click here.
Email Book Preview
Want to view books without having to check them out? Sign up and receive daily previews of books via your email.
Exhibit Space at JPL
The Jacksonville Public Library (JPL) is pleased to provide space for exhibits that support its mission to enrich lives, build community, and foster success by bringing people, information, and ideas together. These exhibits may be educational, cultural, civic or artistic in nature.

Exhibit Policy

Request to Exhibit (forms may be filled out online, printed, signed and dated or printed and filled out)

           Submit your request to the manager of the branch library where you wish your works to be exhibited. For the Main Library,            submit your request to the Art Walk Committee.

• Procedures Specific to the Main Library and the branches.

• To be completed after exhibit has been accepted:
   Exhibit Loan Receipt

• Complete this form to petition the library to have one or more exhibit pieces removed:
   Request to Review Exhibit
Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Service
A service to provide books the library doesn't own.
Library catalog
Users may browse videos and DVDs, place items on hold, and more by searching our catalog.
Meeting Rooms
Want a place to meet? JPL has plenty of meeting spaces that should fit your needs. Check here for meeting room applications and schedules, as well as policies and guidelines.
Conference Center at the Main Library
Branch Library Meeting Rooms Policy
Branch Meeting Rooms
Mobile Print
You can send print jobs from wherever your are--within the library, at home, or on the road--from any Internet-connected device to the library's print management system. All you need is a library card and an email account.
Personalized Booklist
Looking for a good book? Try our personalized booklist service! Simply fill out the following questionaire and our library staff will create a list of books geared toward your reading interests.
Personalized Playlist
Need something to listen to? Looking for a new favorite band? Simply fill out the form and our staff will search out the music you love. The more information provided, the more specific will be our recommendations. Please allow 3-4 days for a response to your request.
Photo Scanning
Preserve your priceless photographs, letters and scrapbook pages for you and future generations to share and enjoy. Sign up for a convenient two-hour appointment. You’ll get advice, training and learn what you need to know to use our scanners to save your personal historic information to your own memory card or blank DVD.
Programs and Events
From children's storytimes to teen activities to adult-oriented presentations and programs, JPL provides many activities for all ages. Check here for an overview of programs and events held at the Library.
Speakers Bureau
The Jacksonville Public Library has more than books!
Learn about our other great offerings and services - request a speaker for your group!
Visually or physically impaired? Need Braille or other specialized help? Check out our service for the Visually and/or Hearing Impaired.
Tax Help
Every spring, during tax season, JPL provides tax forms to the public. In addition, the AARP and other organizations provide tax assistance help to the public at many branches. Click the link for more information.
Tour of the Main Library
Fill out the form and bring a class or just stop on by and take a tour of the Main Library. The building is full of beautiful paintings, exhibits, sculptures and interesting architecture.
Tutorials, Self-Paced
How to Create an E-Mail Account, How to Send and Receive E-Mails, How to Attach a File to an E-Mail.
Links to Information on City's Supervisor of Elections' Website
NOTE: You must move down on each of the displayed pages to see the information needed.
Wireless Internet Access
Now you can bring your wifi-enabled personal PC or PDA to the library and use the Internet at the library. Check here for information on our service to expand computer access to the community.