The Insight Fall 2007 Talking Book / Special Needs Library Jacksonville Public Library Limited Service During Database Conversion Beginning in late September into early November the Talking Book Library will be making the transition to a newer version of our database. This transition will involve many days of training for the Talking Book Library’s staff and very limited service to our customers from Thursday November 1st through Monday November 5th. Throughout the entire month of October the Talking Book Library staff will be participating in daily training webinars and may not be as readily available to answer your phone calls. We ask that you please be patient with us during this time. During the three days that the actual database conversion will be taking place the Talking Book Library staff will not be able to provide same day service to our customers. We will not be sending out our daily mail delivery nor will we be able to send out books or videos when our customers call to request them. We will only be able to take note of any requests or change in service and apply those as soon as the conversion is complete. If there are any books that you have been waiting to order or anything about your service that you would like to change we ask you to do so before November 1st. Database Conversion Calendar Monday October 1 — beginning of staff training Thursday November 1 — limited service to Talking Book customers Tuesday November 6 — return to normal service New Books Fiction RC062580 Wedding ring: Shenandoah album by Emilie Richards High school English teacher Tessa MacRae helps her mother and grandmother clean out the family homestead in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. While restoring a tattered heirloom wedding ring quilt, Tessa mends generational bonds, contemplates her failing marriage, and confronts her grief over her daughter's death. RC062503 Cold case by Linda Barnes Adam Mayhew hires Boston cop-turned-private investigator Carlotta Carlyle to find out whether teen prodigy Thea Janis, who presumably committed suicide twenty-four years ago, could have written a new manuscript. While researching Thea's disappearance, Carlotta uncovers Adam's true identity and the dark secrets of Thea's prominent family. RC062604 Hey, good looking by Fern Michaels Darby's world is shattered by the death of her childhood friend, Russell, and the fact that his final wishes were ignored. With the help of Russell's brother and her three colorful aunts, Darby creates a new life out of her loss. RC062562 Nothing but trouble by Michael McGarrity His retirement pending, Santa Fe police chief Kevin Kerney takes a working vacation to serve as technical advisor for a western movie. He also helps U.S. Customs agents investigate immigrant smuggling and cares for his three-year-old son while his career-army wife, Sara, travels overseas on special assignment. "The biggest critics of my books are people who have never read them.” - quote by Jackie Collins New Books Nonfiction RC063519 The Senator and the Socialite: The True Story of America's First Black Dynasty by Lawrence Otis Graham Biography of Blanche Kelso Bruce, a former slave who became the first African American elected to a full term in the U.S. Senate. Highlights Bruce's rise to fame, discusses his marriage, and describes his descendents and their downfall. Details social and political turmoil during their lifetimes. RC063461 Imperial Life in the Emerald City: Inside Iraq's Green Zone by Rajiv Chandrasekaran Washington Post reporter profiles the U.S. Coalition Provisional Authority headquartered in Saddam Hussein's former palace in Baghdad. Criticizes the American officials in charge, beginning with L. Paul Bremer in 2003, and attributes the costly mistakes after the military victory to their the lack of experience. RC063040 Blood of the Prophets: Brigham Young and the Massacre at Mountain Meadows by Will Bagley Salt Lake City journalist discusses the massacre of more than one hundred wagon train emigrants from Arkansas on September 11, 1857, in southern Utah. Details the attack by local Mormon settlers and Southern Paiute warriors and explores the possible involvement of territorial governor Brigham Young. RC063033 Sex, the measure of all things: a life of Alfred C. Kinsey by Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy Analyzes the study of human sexuality conducted by bisexual entomologist Alfred Kinsey at Indiana University beginning in the 1930s. Discusses Kinsey's personal and scientific background and his publication of Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and a later female study. Reading for Children & Young Adults RC062865 Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa: partners by Erica Silverman Cowgirl Kate's horse Cocoa wants to wear cowboy boots, not horseshoes, and play hide-and-seek by his rules. Cocoa also helps Cowgirl Kate practice roping and shows her, in his own way, that they are partners. Easy chapter book for grades K-3. RC062841 A dangerous engine: Benjamin Franklin, from scientist to diplomat by Joan Dash Biography of Benjamin Franklin depicts his constant curiosity and love of science. Features Franklin's scientific interests, inventions, experiments with electricity, and role as a founding father of the United States. Discusses Franklin's skills as a diplomat in France and his contributions to the American Revolution. For grades 5-8. RC062929 Monsterology by Arthur Slade Humorous profiles of fifteen monsters, including Dracula, Medusa, Loki, Frankenstein's creature, Sasquatch, Baba Yaga, Quasimodo, and the Grim Reaper. Presents physical characteristics, likes and dislikes, "cool" facts that are sometimes gross, literary traditions, and short interviews. For grades 5-8. RC063213 Just listen by Sarah Dessen Perennial nice girl Annabel is ostracized after vicious Sophie catches Annabel with Sophie's boyfriend. Music-obsessed Owen befriends Annabel and encourages her to be true to herself. But Annabel's family problems prevent her from telling the truth until a crisis occurs. Some strong language. For senior high readers. “I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library” - quote by Jorge Luis Borges New Subject Codes Those of you who receive books based upon your reading interests are probably familiar with our subject codes. You were either asked to give us a list of your reading preferences upon registration or a list was compiled afterwards. Over time our listing of subject codes has become much more specific in order to cater to our customer’s specific tastes. Many new subject codes have been added in the past months. The following is a brief list of new subject codes. Disaster Etiquette Exploration Food and Food History Harlequin Romance Independent Living Skills Knitting and Needlework Legal Suspense Language Study Magic Tricks and Magicians Cozy Mystery Medical Mystery Pets and Small Animal Care Political Fiction Popular Psychology (Self Help) Religious Fiction Christian Romance Western Romance School Stories Workshops, Tools and Household Repairs Talking Book Club Talking Book Club is a book club for visually impaired individuals. They meet at 10 am on the 4th Friday of every month at ILAB (Independent Living for the Adult Blind) at the FCCJ downtown campus to discuss a monthly selected book. A few books they have discussed have been The Da Vinci Code, Tuesdays with Morrie, Life of Pi, Cold Mountain, Shadow Divers and other popular selections. Call 633-8220 for more information. Overdrive Digital Audio Books The Jacksonville Public Library now offers digital audio book downloads for its customers who have a valid library card and access to a computer with broadband internet connection. The service, called Overdrive, can be accessed from the library’s webpage at The collection features many recent bestsellers as well as a wide array of fiction genres and nonfiction subjects. Books can be searched for by author, title and keyword or just browsed in separate categories. The Overdrive website is accessible by screen reading and/or magnification programs. In order to listen to a digital audio book that has been downloaded, customers first need to download Overdrive’s media console. There are some minimum system requirements needed in order to use the Overdrive media console that must be considered. Once downloaded, books can be accessed on a personal computer, burned onto CDs or stored on a portable device such as an mp3 player. Overdrive digital audio books cannot be downloaded to iPods or Mac computers. Each book downloaded has its own loan period that will expire and afterwards need to be deleted from your hard drive. The features of the Overdrive media console includes variable playing speed, a skip back 15 seconds option, ability to resume from the farthest played point, a bookmark and the other basic features associated with digital audio playback. In many cases Talking Book Library customers do not have a valid Jacksonville Public Library card. If you would like to try Overdrive and do not have a library card please call us at 630-1999 and Talking Books staff will arrange for you to receive a card and establish a PIN number. A Few Worlds About...KLAS version 7 KLAS (which stands for Keystone Library Automation System) version 7 is the updated version of the database that the Talking Book / Special Needs Library will begin using in November. There are updated features of this database that will improve its use among the Talking Book Library staff and improve service to our customers. For instance, KLAS version 7 will give us the ability to send books in series out to our customers in the chronological order of the series. This new feature should end the confusion that many of our customers have when they receive books in a series that they cannot enjoy because they haven’t read the previous titles. There will also be improved efficiency for users searching our online catalog for book titles or authors. Another useful feature of the new database version is the “resend” option that will allow our staff to resend a book or books to a customer with a few clicks of the mouse. The biggest benefit of KLAS version 7 is it’s improved usability for our staff. Version 7’s graphical user interface will allow staff to have the displays of multiple modules open at the same time so that they can easily switch back and forth without having to re-input information. Staff will have a much easier time finding book titles for our customers due to more advanced search options. While KLAS version 5 (our current database) has served us well for many years the time has come for us to make the change to a new and improved database. Insight Online The Jacksonville Talking Books Library’s Newsletter The Insight can now be viewed online at our homepage: It can be viewed in the same format as the printed version of the newsletter as well as a text-only version intended to be read by adaptive technology screen reading software such as ZoomText, OpenBook, JAWS, Kurzweil, etc. Did You Know? On November 10, 2005 Scott Duncan and Pamela Habek became the first legally blind people to sail across the Pacific Ocean on their way around the globe. They crossed the Pacific Ocean on a 32-foot cutter in just over one year covering more than 9000 miles. Aboard their boat they were aided by a speech synthesized Global Positioning System, special telescopes, as well as magnification devices that helped them to read their nautical maps and charts. Their progress can be viewed at the website, where they have posted log-blog entries of their travels. Afternoon at the Closed Captioned Movies Beginning last July the Talking Book / Special Needs Library has been hosting a program called “Afternoon at the Closed Captioned Movies” for the deaf, hearing impaired, their friends and family. On one Saturday in each of the past months a feature film in closed captioning has been shown in the Jacksonville Public Library’s Main library branch. While these films will probably not be of any interest to the visually impaired and blind, those customers who are registered for Talking Book service because of a physical disability may enjoy them if they have trouble hearing. However if you would like us to consider a descriptive video film series please contact us. If you like...Stephen King You’ll like… Dean Koontz Peter Straub Clive Barker Anne Rice Chelsea Quinn Yarbro Robert R. McCammon John Saul Service to Duval County schools and students At the beginning of the 2007 school year the Talking Book library staff have been contacting those Duval County schools that are registered for Talking Book service in order to evaluate their level of service for the new school year. We asked to know how many working Talking Book players that the school currently has, if they need replacement players, if they’ve been receiving our book catalogs, and other such questions. We would also like Duval County educators of special needs students to know that we have a growing collection of documentaries and other educational descriptive videos available for classroom showing. We also offer magazines for children on Talking Book cassette such as Cricket, National Geographic Kids, Spider, Sports Illustrated, and Teen People. If you would like your school to subscribe to these magazines or make changes to your school’s Talking Book service please call 630-1999. Fall Schedule 2007 Holidays & Closings November 12 · Veteran’s Day November 22 & 23 · Thanksgiving Talking Books Library Staff Jerry Reynolds, Manager Chris Eaton, Librarian Juan Thomas, Library Assistant Mary Brady, Page Tim Meusel, Tape Inspector We’re on the Web! Alternative Medicine Booklist RC050092 The best alternative medicine: what works? what does not? 2000 by Kenneth R. Pelletier RC033525 The doctor’s book of home remedies: thousands of tips and techniques anyone can use to heal everyday health problems. 1990 by Debora Tkac RC047403 Homeopathic self-care: the quick and easy guide for the whole family. 1996 by Robert Ullman RC048003 The complete book of ayurvedic home remedies. 1998 by Vasant D. Lad RC048564American Indian healing arts: herbs, rituals, and remedies for every season of life. 1999 by E. Barrie Kavasch THE INSIGHT Main Library 303 N. Laura St. Jacksonville, Florida 32202 Phone: 904-630-1999 Fax: 904-630-0604 TDD: 904-630-2740 Hours: Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm