The Insight Summer 2006 Talking Book / Special Needs Library Jacksonville Public Library American Council of the Blind National Convention - 2006 On July 8th through the 15th, Jacksonville will host the American Council of the Blind’s 2006 National Convention. Participants will be able to attend programs, seminars and workshops dealing with topics of importance to the visually impaired community. Vendors will be present to offer products and services. Individuals such as teachers, students, senior citizens, artists and musicians may take part in the many special meetings catered for those with a visual disability. A week’s worth of fun activities have been planned for convention attendees such as a Jacksonville Suns baseball game; gambling on a Sun Cruz casino ship; an ocean fishing expedition; a night at the Alhambra Dinner theatre; and tours of St. Augustine, the Okefenokee swamp, the Anheuser-Busch brewery, the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens; and much more. First time convention goers will be able to attend the “First-Timers Seminar” which will give them an overview of what to expect at the convention. There will be a $25 pre-registration fee or a $35 on-site registration fee. Many of the activities and tours also have a nominal charge included. If you would like more information you may call the American Council of the Blind’s national office at (202) 467-5081 or toll-free at (800) 424-8666. Did You Know? On May 25, 2001 Erik Weihenmayer became the first blind man in history to reach the summit of Mount Everest. He is also one of only 100 climbers to have ascended the Seven Summits—the highest peaks on the seven continents. At the age of 33, he was also one of the youngest. Read about his accomplishments in the book “Touch the Top of the World” (RC051505). WJCT Radio Reading Service WJCT Radio Reading Service is available to anyone who is eligible for Talking Books. It brings the Florida Times Union into your home as well as other excellent programs you won’t get any other way currently. WJCT RRS broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. RRS also offers readings of the national newspapers, magazines, and other special interest programming. Be sure to tune it Tuesday mornings at 10:45 am to hear Jerry Reynolds, Talking Book Library manager, discuss current events in the visually challenged community as well as new book excerpts. Favorite Authors The database utilized at the Talking Book Library has the capabilities of sending our registered customers titles of books written by their favorite authors. These favorite authors are stored in a list as a part of each customer’s Patron Profile. Another feature of our database is that it will not send a customer a title that they have already received unless they specifically request it. It has lately become an issue with some of our customers that they are not receiving books by the authors in their Favorite Authors list. In most cases, it is because they have already received all of the available titles written by an author. If you feel that this is the case with your service, we recommend that you call us at 630-1999 so that we can evaluate whether or not we need to adjust your favorite author preferences. New Books Fiction RC060629 St. Dale by Sharyn McCrumb Onetime stock car driver Harley Claymore leads a Dale Earnhardt memorial bus tour of the NASCAR circuit. Among the travelers are a minister with a dying boy, a young couple, and three middle-aged ladies. As the passengers bond together, prayers are answered. RC059894 Known Dead: a Carl Houseman mystery by Donald Harstad A botched drug raid leaves a small-time marijuana dealer and a narcotics agent mysteriously dead. State and federal agencies wrestle for jurisdiction while Iowa deputy sheriff Carl Houseman and investigator Hester Gorse scope out a possible connection to local extremists. RC059651 The Sunday Wife by Cassandra King Dean accompanies her overbearing preacher husband, Ben, to his new post. She befriends Augusta, a free spirit who encourages Dean to break loose from her complacent life. Tensions precede tragedy as Dean becomes increasingly estranged from Ben and the church. RC059738 Cold Case Squad by Edna Buchanan Miami cold-case specialist police sergeant Craig Burch investigates a woman's claim that her ex-husband's death in an explosion twelve years before was no accident. Burch considers the possibility that the man isn't dead. "I often feel sorry for people who don't read good books; they are missing a chance to lead an extra life.” - quote by Scott Corbett New Books Nonfiction RC059727 Vanity, vitality, and virility: the science behind the products you love to buy by John Emsley British scientist debunks common fears about chemistry by explaining how chemicals improve our lives. Discusses the role of chemicals in cosmetics, food, sex, hygiene, mental health, and other areas. RC059967 Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever by Ray Kurzweil Authors explain ways to extend one's life until technologies are developed to enable humans to live longer. They discuss nutrition, genomics, inflammation, toxins, cancer, heart disease, and hormones and offer advice on diet, exercise, supplements, and anti-stress techniques to slow aging. RC059848 Rebel for the Hell of It: the Life of Tupac Shakur by Armond White Journalist chronicles the life of rapper Tupac Shakur (1971-1996), from his childhood to his unsolved murder in Las Vegas. Describes Shakur's musical legacy, his brief acting career, and his legal entanglements. RC059940 Bully: Does Anyone Deserve to Die? A True Story of High School Revenge by Jim Schutze Journalist investigates the 1993 Florida slaying of twenty-year-old Bobby Kent at the hands of seven young people. Depicts the suburban middle-class but decadent lifestyle of the victim and his killers and the trial that followed, including an "urban psychosis" defense theory. "There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island." — quote by Walt Disney New Descriptive Videos DV011787 Mr. & Mrs. Smith Jane and John Smith both work as spies but neither knows the other one does -- until they are both sent after the same target. Their marriage and their careers are severely challenged. DV011786 Batman Begins After a trip to Asia to get over the deaths of his parents, Bruce Wayne finds his home town overrun by crime, and his family business slipping out of control. He calls on his butler and a brilliant inventor to take on this enormous problem, unleashing his alter ego -- Batman. DV011792 Fever Pitch A high school teacher and successful businesswoman fall in love despite many personal differences. They manage to get along well until baseball season starts, when she has to compete with his first love: the Boston Red Sox. DV011791 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory In this new adaptation of Roald Dahl's famous book, Charlie wins a trip to a candy factory run by Willie Wonka. He and four other children are excited to get to see the inside of such a famous place, but they soon discover that not everything there is so sweet. If you like...John Grisham You’ll like... Scott Turow Lisa Scottoline Steve Martini Brad Meltzer David Baldacci New Descriptive DVDs The Talking Book Library has recently made a major purchase of descriptive DVDs. The majority of our new titles are documentaries that have been featured on public television as well as a few British mystery series. It must be noted that many of these descriptive DVDs do not have an auto-play function so it will be necessary to set-up the descriptive track through the menu options on a DVD player. This could be difficult for individuals with a visual disability and they might need assistance from someone who is sighted. Please call us at 630-1999 if you have any questions and would like to begin receiving descriptive DVDs. 10 Squared Club The 10 Squared Club is a national group of centenarians who are avid listeners of Talking Books and feel that they owe their longevity to the fact that they keep their minds sharp by being an active reader. There are chapters of the 10 Squared Club all over the country, including Florida. In fact, the 10 Squared Club established a chapter at the Manatee Talking Book Library in Bradenton who recently celebrated the library’s 35th anniversary. Talking Book Club Talking Book Club is a group of visually impaired individuals that meet the 4th Friday of every month at ILAB (Independent Living for the Adult Blind) at the FCCJ downtown campus to discuss a monthly selected book. A few books that they have discussed in the past have been The Da Vinci Code, Tuesday’s with Morrie, Life of Pi, Cold Mountain, Specimen Days, Feast of All Saints, and other popular selections. Introducing...Playaways Many Talking Book Library customers already know of the coming N.L.S. digital conversion which will be a major change to the current Talking Books format. As a pilot program to begin familiarizing our customers with a more advanced digital format, the Jacksonville Talking Book Library is purchasing many titles as Playaway books. Playaway books are small, rectangular devices that contain the digital recording of a book that can be listened to using a standard set of earphones which will be issued with each title. The devices are small and very lightweight while containing the entire recording of a featured book with navigation amongst the chapters similar to what you’d find on a cd or mp3 player. 1 AAA battery, which will be provided, is all that is required to power the device. These players will only be available to those customers who reside in the JPL Talking Book service area as they are property of the Jacksonville Public Library and not the federal government. Call us at 630-1999 if you have any questions or would like to be included in this trial. Advantages of Playaways: Compact Lightweight Self contained Digital Easy navigation Good sound quality Unabridged Insight Online The Jacksonville Talking Books Library’s Newsletter The Insight can now be viewed online at our homepage: It can be viewed in the same format as the printed version of the newsletter as well as a text-only version intended to be read by adaptive technology screen reading software such as ZoomText, OpenBook, JAWS, Kurzweil, etc. Continued Outreach to Children & Young Adults Beginning with the Fall 2006 school year, the Jacksonville Talking Book & Special Needs Library will be making a renewed commitment to identify those disabled students in our public & private schools who may benefit from the use of Talking Books and assistive technology software programs. We will begin with an initial list of those schools that have Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic (RFB&D) memberships. Principals, vice-principals, counselors, librarians, and any other school staff member that assists in the education of disabled Duval County children will be contacted and mailed a packet of materials outlining our service; examples of juvenile and young adult materials in our collection; as well as other information. A Talking Book Library staff member will arrange a visit to familiarize school personnel with the library and demonstrate the use of the materials and services that we offer. We are hoping that this outreach early in the school year will be beneficial to students as they prepare to write book reports and research papers. What can you do? At the Talking Book Library we always appreciate any of our customers who are able to spread the word to individuals who might benefit from our program. If you are related to or know a Duval county school student or teacher, you could tell them about our program and how it may benefit a young disabled person. Election Information With the federal and state elections drawing near, it is important to stay informed on the many changes and innovations to the way in which visually and physically disabled citizens may participate in the election process. The Duval County Supervisor of Elections office has published information in the Adult Service’s Senior directory as well as other information sources. One of the voting innovations that they are promoting is the use of Touch Screen Voting Equipment with audio capabilities and text magnification features to assist voters with special needs. With these technological innovations there will remain a commitment to maintain the privacy of the voting process. As well as technological advances the elections office also offers sample ballots in large print, audio and Braille. Each polling place will have signature guides available to assist visually impaired individuals in signing on the appropriate line. Curbside voting will be available for those citizens who have limited mobility and are unable to leave their vehicles. There is also a supervised voting program where poll workers will visit group or residential facilities to assist with voting. For more information call the Duval County Supervisor of Elections office at 630-1410. Summer Schedule 2006 Holidays & Closings July 4 · Independence Day September 4 · Labor Day Talking Books Library Staff Jerry Reynolds, Manager Chris Eaton, Librarian Jeremy Hall, Library Assistant We’re on the Web! Vision Loss Memoirs Booklist RC060711 Things no longer there: a memoir of losing sight and finding vision. 2005 by Susan Krieger RC058675 Scattered shadows: a memoir of blindness and vision. 2004 by John Howard Griffin RC057951 The world I live in. 2003 by Helen Keller RC057411 Lessons I learned in the dark. 2002 by Jennifer Rothschild RC056482 Long time, no see. 2003 by Beth Finke RC056408 Not much of a muchness. 2002 by Marc Maurer THE INSIGHT Main Library 303 N. Laura St. Jacksonville, Florida 32202 Phone: 904-630-1999 Fax: 904-630-0604 TDD: 904-630-2740 Hours: Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm