The Insight Spring 2009 Talking Book / Special Needs Library Jacksonville Public Library National Federation of the Blind Free White Cane Program The National Federation of the Blind wants to make sure that every blind person who needs a cane has one regardless of their ability to pay. It is their belief that a white cane can be a useful tool for navigating one’s environment and maintaining the freedom to travel. In order to ensure every blind person’s independence the NFB will provide, free of charge, straight fiberglass canes in varying lengths to those who apply. Applications can be found at the following web address: FamilyConnect FamilyConnect is an online resource for parents raising a visually impaired child. It features information from experts and parents relative to children of all ages and varying degrees of visual disability. This website also functions as an online support group for parents to communicate and share their experiences with other parents through message boards and blog posts. There is a state-by-state directory to assist in finding support groups, schools or other organizations that assist visually impaired children in your area. The website includes a feature by which its content can be customized to a parent’s interests and updates can be sent to a registered email address at no cost. This website can be accessed at the following address: New Books Fiction RC064542 The Water’s Lovely by Ruth Rendell Nine years ago Ismay's stepfather Guy drowned in the bathtub. Returning home after university, Ismay still wonders what really happened and whether her sister Heather was somehow involved. RC064703 Spark on the Prairie: a Guns and Gavel Novel by Johnny D. Boggs Texas, 1871. General William Tecumseh Sherman brings Kiowa leader Satanta and young brave Big Tree to trial for the murders of seven members of a wagon train. Lawyers Thomas Ball and Joe Woolfolk attempt to save the men from the death penalty. RC064917 Jane Austen in Scarsdale; or, Love, Death, and the SATs by Paula Marantz Cohen High school guidance counselor Anne Ehrlich still regrets breaking up thirteen years ago with the love of her life, Ben Cutler. When helping Ben's nephew apply to college, Anne reconnects with Ben, now a successful travel writer, and wonders if their love can be rekindled. RC064980 The Bone Garden by Tess Gerritsen The skeleton of a woman murdered in the nineteenth century leads Boston medical examiner Maura Isles to investigate the possibility of a past serial killer. Harvard medical student Norris Marshall had been the prime suspect and had enlisted classmate Oliver Wendell Holmes to exonerate him. Talking Book Library Blog For updated Talking Book Library information and programs visit our blog at this address: New Books Nonfiction RC064543 Armed and Dangerous : the Hunt for One of America's Most Wanted Criminals by William Queen Vietnam veteran and author of Under and Alone recalls his career as an agent of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) in Southern California. Describes the 1986 apprehension of drug dealer and survivalist Mark Stephens. RC064583 Just Call Me Mike : a Journey to Actor and Activist by Mike Farrell Autobiography of an actor, producer, and writer best known for his role as B.J. Hunnicutt on the television series M*A*S*H. Highlights Farrell's Irish Catholic working-class childhood in West Hollywood, his break into show business, and his increasing involvement in politics and the human rights movement. RC066463 God's Problem: How the Bible Fails to Answer our Most Important Question—Why We Suffer by Bart D. Ehrman Former minister and author of Misquoting Jesus examines the Old and New Testaments for answers to the problem of suffering in the world. Ehrman finds the Bible offers different viewpoints--suffering as punishment, as a redemptive process, and as a test of faith--and analyzes the answers. RC065213 Kafka : the Decisive Years by Reiner Stach Biography of Franz Kafka (1883-1924) covers his most significant years, 1910-1915. Concentrates on Kafka's crucial experiences--his two engagements to Felice Bauer, interest in Zionism, and long friendship with his editor Max Brod--as well as writing such works as The Metamorphosis, Amerika, and The Trial. “For those without money, the road to the treasure house of the imagination begins at the public library.” ~ quote by Pete Hamill Reading for Children & Young Adults RC064745 Technical Foul by Rich Wallace Jared is a high-scoring basketball player, but he tends to hog the ball and gets in trouble because of his bad temper. So he's not happy when his teammate Spencer points out that Jared needs to be more of a team player. For grades 4-7. RC066630 Dinosaur Trouble by Dick King-Smith Nosy, a young pterodactyl who loves flying, and Banty, an apatosaurus who prefers walking, become friends despite their parents' objections about their differences. But mutual fear of the T. rex helps Nosy and Banty teach their families to get along. Easy chapter book. For grades 2-4. RC063710 Blizzard of the Blue Moon by Mary Pope Osborne Merlin the magician sends Jack and Annie to New York during the Great Depression in 1938 when a blizzard is burying the city. Their mission is to find an ancient fantasy creature--the last unicorn. For grades 2-4. RC066010 Jumper: Griffin's Story by Steven Gould Nine-year-old Griff O'Conner causes his parents' murders in San Diego when he teleports himself to avoid a bully. Griff hides with friends until, at sixteen, he is ready to confront the killers. Sequel to Jumper. Violence and strong language. For junior and senior high readers. “At the moment that we persuade a child, any child, to cross that threshold, that magic threshold into a library, we change their lives forever, for the better. It's an enormous force for good." ~ quote by President Barack Obama Talking Book Library Annual Customer Survey Dear Talking Book Library customer, Please take a few minutes of your time to complete the following survey. We at the Jacksonville Talking Book library value your opinion and want to assist you in any way to make our service more satisfying. Your responses are confidential. To submit this survey, please fold it in half and then staple or tape it together. Please do not affix postage as this survey has already been labeled as “FREE MATTER FOR THE BLIND AND PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED”. Thank you for your participation. 1. Has the Talking Book Library staff been courteous, prompt and helpful when you called or visited the library? YES NO 2. How often do you contact the Talking Book Library for assistance? DAILY WEEKLY MONTHLY NEVER 3. Are you satisfied with the number of books that you receive? YES TOO MANY TOO FEW 4. If you receive books that are selected based upon your reading interests are you receiving enough to satisfy your reading habits? YES NO 5. How would you describe your interest in receiving a new digital talking book player? I can’t wait I want one but I can wait I am not interested at this time 6. Do you own or have access to a personal computer with Internet access? YES NO 7. How long have you been a customer of the Talking Book Library? < 1 YEAR 1 - 3 YEARS 3 - 10 YEARS > 10 YEARS 8. How would you rate your overall Talking Book Library service? EXCELLENT GOOD FAIR POOR Greetings from the Talking Book Library Manager I hope that Talking Books/Special Needs has opened many vistas to you with books, magazines, videos in VHS and DVD, newspapers, radio shows and more. I have a special favor to ask each and every one of you. My experience tells me that well over 90% of you have friends, family and acquaintances with arthritis which makes it uncomfortable to hold a book or who find normal print is getting difficult to navigate. Perhaps they are homebound. Even though we try to get the message about our service out to everyone who needs it, the task is a daunting one. “I didn’t know that this service existed!” “I don’t have to pay for anything?” “Why didn’t I hear about this before now?” These are things I hear on a regular basis. That is where you all come in. We know that people who use the Talking Book program have a fuller and often longer life. We need to share that knowledge with people who need to know. Help us to “Share our vision that all may read.” “Share our vision that all may learn.”. Jerry Reynolds Manager, Talking Books/Special Needs Library Jacksonville Public Library If you like the...Mountain Man Series You’ll like the… Trail Drive series by Ralph Compton Sacketts series by Louis L’Amour Trailsman series by Jon Sharpe White Indian series by Donald Clayton Porter Plainsman series by Terry Johnston New Descriptive Movies DVD DW070352 My Dear Secretary DW070353 Zulu DW070354 Mob Story DW070355 Madigan’s Million DW070356 Becky Sharp DW070357 Rainbow Valley / Beneath the Arizona Skies DW070358 They Came From Beyond Space DW070359 Virus DW070360 The Glory Boys DW070361 To Kill a Mockingbird DW070362 The War Lord DW070363 Road to Bali DW070364 Win, Place or Steal DW070365 Why Rock the Boat? DW070366 The Lawless Frontier & Hell Town DW070367 Juiced DW070368 High Risk DW070369 Molly and Lawless John DW070370 Santee DW070371 Shane DW070372 The Shooting Free Described Movie series at the Main Library The Talking Book Library would like to invite our customers, their friends and family, and anyone else who might enjoy a movie in described format to attend our next free showing in the Main Library Auditorium. We will be showing the comedy Evan Almighty on Friday, March 20th at 10am and the swashbuckling pirate romantic adventure Frenchman’s Creek on Friday, April 17 at 10am. This movie series will be shown on the third Friday of the month through July 2009. Please call 630-1999 for more information. Insight Online The Jacksonville Talking Book Library’s Newsletter The Insight can now be viewed online at: It can be viewed in the same format as the printed version of the newsletter as well as a text-only version intended to be read by adaptive technology screen reading programs such as ZoomText, OpenBook, JAWS, Kurzweil, etc. Did you Know? Jacques Lusseyran lived in France during the German invasion of World War II. Despite the fact that he was blind due to a school accident at the age of seven, Jacques Lesseyran played an integral role in the French Resistance. Because of his efforts, he was arrested and sent to the concentration camp Buchenwald with many of his compatriots where he continued to resist the Nazis. After being liberated by the Allies he went on to write the memoir And There Was Light which documented his youth and time spent as a prisoner during the war. Spring Schedule 2009 Holidays & Closings March 18 · Staff Development Day May 25 · Memorial Day Talking Books Library Staff Tim Meusel, Tape Inspector Chris Eaton, Librarian Solomon Oliver, Page Juan Thomas, Library Assistant Jerry Reynolds, Manager We’re on the Web! Feet & Legs Health Booklist RC047860 Natural Foot Care: Herbal Treatments, Massage, and Exercises for Healthy Feet. 1998 by Stephanie Tourles RC056378 One Hundred One Foot-Care Tips for People with Diabetes. 2000 by Jesse H. Ahroni RC063494 Restless Legs Syndrome : Relief and Hope for Sleepless Victims of a Hidden Epidemic. 2006 by Robert H. Yoakum RC014587 Walking! 1979 by John T. Davis RC056727 When Walking Fails: Mobility Problems of Adults with Chronic Conditions. 2003 by Lisa I. Iezzoni THE INSIGHT Main Library 303 N. Laura St. Jacksonville, Florida 32202 Phone: 904-630-1999 Fax: 904-630-0604 TDD: 904-630-2740 Hours: Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm