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Policies and Guidelines

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Circulation Policies and Services
Information on applying for library cards and circulation of materials.
Code of Conduct
Rules on behavior in the library.
Collection Development Policy
The Collection Development Policy documents what, why, and how materials are selected as well as serves as a resource for selection librarians, public service staff and others interested in the Jacksonville Public Library's collection.
Marketing Your Book to Jacksonville Public Library,
   For Local Authors and Small Presses
Computer Access Management (CAM) Policies and Procedures
Information and guidelines on using the library's public computers.
Guidelines on using peripheral devices and public computers in the library.
Customer Service Policy
JPL’s goal is to provide excellent library service which includes helpful and knowledgeable staff, access to relevant informational resources, and quality facilities.
Distribution of Free, Nonlibrary Publications
Donation Policy
The Jacksonville Public Library accepts donations of any kind that support and further the mission, goals and objectives of the Library, as established by the Board of Library Trustees of the Jacksonville Public Library.

The purpose of this policy is to specify the type of donations that the Library will accept and how the Library will handle these donations.
Exhibit Space at JPL
The Jacksonville Public Library (JPL) is pleased to provide space for exhibits that support its mission to enrich lives, build community, and foster success by bringing people, information, and ideas together. These exhibits may be educational, cultural, civic or artistic in nature.

Exhibit Policy

Request to Exhibit (forms may be filled out online, printed, signed and dated or printed and filled out)

           Submit your request to the manager of the branch library where you wish your works to be exhibited. For the Main Library,            submit your request to the Art Walk Committee.

• Procedures Specific to the Main Library and the branches.

• To be completed after exhibit has been accepted:
   Exhibit Loan Receipt

• Complete this form to petition the library to have one or more exhibit pieces removed:
   Request to Review Exhibit
Internet & Computer Use Policy
Limits on access, acceptable use, children & the internet, privacy concerns, internet filtering.
Meeting Rooms
Policy and guidelines on using the meeting rooms provided by JPL.
Conference Center at the Main Library
Branch Library Meeting Rooms
Privacy Policy
The confidentiality policy of JPL.
Public Bulletin Boards, Use Of
Unattended Child Policy
Library policy concerning how to handle unattended children on the premises.