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To Log In

To access your account, click on the following link at the top of the Jacksonville Public Library home page.
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The home page of the new Library catalog will appear. Click on My Account as shown in the following image to access your account:

Menu at the Top of the New Catalog
The login screen will appear:
Login to Account

When you sign up for a library card, you may select a PIN by informing the staff member what you would like your PIN to be. If you do not select a PIN at the time of getting a library card, a random PIN will be assigned to you. You will receive the PIN via email notification (if you have signed up for this service) after library business hours.

If you are attempting to log in and do not know your PIN, you may visit any library location, or you may contact us. Please allow up to three business days (M-F) for our response.

To login, enter your entire library ID number from the front of your library card. For example, FJP0001234567, not 0001234567.

Next, enter your PIN (Personal Identification Number) and click [LOGIN].

We recommend changing your PIN on a regular basis to keep your account secure. To change your PIN, click "My Account" on the JAXCAT banner and choose "Change My PIN."

We recommend the following criteria when creating/changing a PIN:

  • That the PIN is something you may easily remember;
  • A length of six to eight (6-8), but not more than ten characters; and
  • Composed of alphanumeric (letters and numbers) characters, not special characters such as brackets, dashes, etc.

If you have lost or forgotten your PIN or are having trouble accessing your account, you may request a new PIN at any library location, or you may contact us. Please allow up to three business days (M-F) for our response.

With the update to our website recently, a question has arisen about being required to log in frequently. From our Frequently Asked Questions page:

I keep getting prompted to login, even though I've already logged in once. Why does this happen?
When navigating through the Library catalog pages, or reviewing your personal account information, you will be prompted to log in for certain functions - changing your PIN, placing an item on hold, etc. In order to maintain your login session, it is important to use the links in the blue and green navigation bars in the middle panel.

Once you click on any link outside of the middle panel, your session will be ended as these links do not contain the mechanism preserving your login session.