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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Jacksonville Public Library card?
You may visit any branch of the Jacksonville Public Library and apply for a card. Applications are available in English and Spanish.
Can I get a card online?
At this time you can print an application online, fill it out at home, work, or school and then bring it (along with acceptable forms of ID) to a library branch.
What is "My Account?"
When you apply for a library card, you automatically have an online account. You may access this account at any time from home, work, the library, or anywhere in the world.
How can I recommend that the library purchase specific books, videos, CDs and other materials?
You may suggest any items for purchase by the library by filling out the purchase suggestion form.
I am unable to go to the library to do research. Can someone at the library do research for me?
If you are able to access the library's website, you can now ask for help from our reference staff. You can get live chat reference or ask a question via email.
I am doing genealogy research. Where do I find genealogy material in the Jacksonville area?
The library's Genealogy Collection is located at the Main Library. There are staff in the Genealogy Department who can help you locate information. They have also compiled a list of websites that may be of use in research.
I have looked in the Jacksonville Public Library catalog and the library does not own the materials I am looking for. How can I get these materials?
If JPL does not own items you are looking for, you may request them via InterLibrary Loan, a special service of the Library. If the item is not eligible for InterLibrary Loan, you may request that JPL acquire the item.
I am having trouble accessing online databases from my home or office computer.
If you are having trouble accessing databases, it may be due to different factors. Click here for more information.
I am looking for someone? How can I find them?
You can use some of the resources located on the People Finder list of recommended websites.
I need to do research or look for an obituary in Florida newspapers. What is available?
The online database America's Obituaries and Death Notices contains the obituaries from most major Florida newspapers. You may also contact our Genealogy Department.
How can I apply for a job with the Jacksonville Public Library?
Information on how to apply for a job with JPL, as well as what positions are open, can be found here.
I am trying to place a hold on an item. Why does it fail?
A list of possible reasons as to why a hold may fail can be found here. If you need further assistance, you can contact us.
Your web page won't display correctly in my browser. Why not?
Our website is best viewed in a browser that is javascript-enabled and with a 1024 x 768 display. Read more here. It has been tested on many browsers. If you find that you are still having display issues, please contact us.
I keep getting prompted to login, even though I've already logged in once. Why does this happen?
When navigating through the Library catalog pages, or reviewing your personal account information, you will be prompted to log in for certain functions - changing your PIN, placing an item on hold, etc. In order to maintain your login session, it is important to use the links in the blue and green navigation bars in the middle panel. Once you click on any link outside of the middle panel, your session will be ended as these links do not contain the mechanism preserving your login session.
Database FAQs
What is a database?
A database is a collection of information organized for quick and easy access by computer. Think of a database as an electronic filing system.
Your library offers databases to give you free access to accurate up-to-date information on a variety of topics from news to biography, from health to automobile repair.
Why would I want to use a database?
The Web offers huge amounts of information but no guarantee that a site is accurate, complete or up to date; especially if it is a commercial site. Library databases have high quality information compiled from researched sources, and are commercial free and accurate by current standards.
What kind of information can I find in the databases?
JPL databases are organized by subject with several databases under each subject.
Want more database help?