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A Library eCard is free and allows access to most electronic resources on our website from your home, including magazine and newspaper databases, encyclopedias, our Special Collections, and downloadable audio! For eligibility requirements, click here.

  • Library eCard users who wish to check out or place holds on library materials will be asked to apply for a standard full-service Jacksonville Public Library Card.
    Click here for information on obtaining a standard Jacksonville Public Library Card.

If you already have a Jacksonville Public Library Card, you do not need a Library eCard. The electronic databases may be accessed with your existing Library Card number.

To receive your Library eCard number, complete and submit the following form and a confirming email with your Library eCard account number will be delivered to the email address you supply (within 24-48 hours with exceptions for library closings).

The Library eCard number will expire in three years. After this time, you may reapply for the eCard.


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*E-mail address will be used for library notices and announcements.

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I do not want my child to check out R-rated videos. I certify that my child is under age 17.
I understand my child will be able to check out PG videos, PG-13 videos, non-rated videos, and any other library materials.

No information in your confidential Library records will be disclosed to a third party except in accordance with proper judicial order. We cannot disclose your confidential Library records to you over the phone without proper identification.

Please read the statements below:

I agree to give immediate notice of change of address, loss of card, and loss of library materials. I will be responsible for all fines or other charges imposed for late return, loss, damage or mutilation of material borrowed on my card. If my card is lost or stolen, I am still responsible for all materials charged to my card until I report such loss to the library staff.

By submitting this application, you confirm that all information entered in the fields above is true to the best of your knowledge. If any information is false or incorrect, it will delay or prevent your obtaining a library card via this form.