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Have you returned an item but still see it listed on your account? Please use this form to begin a search for the item. Our staff will search our shelves to try to locate the item(s) in question. You will be notified of the outcome of this process within two business days. In the meantime, we ask that you double-check your home and car to make sure that it didn't slip behind a couch or under a car seat.

If the item(s) are found in the library, staff will remove the item along with any associated fees from your account.

If the items are not found, staff will mark the item(s) claims returned. This will begin an investigative process that will require searching for the items multiple times at all Jacksonville Public Library locations. No overdue charges will be accruing during this investigation, but items will be visible on your library account and count toward your allowed checkout number.

At the end of the 60-day investigative period, your library account will be charged for replacement and processing fees for any items that have not been located and cleared from your account.

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