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Library Card Services

Need a Library Card?

It's easy and free. You may apply for a library card online.

Library eCard Online Registration

You may apply for a library card online. Simply complete and submit the form (Library eCard Registration) and a confirming email with your Library eCard account number will be delivered to the email address you supply (within 24-48 hours with exceptions for library closings). Immediately upon receipt of the library eCard account number, you will have access to most electronic resources on our website from your home, including magazine and newspaper databases, encyclopedias, our Special Collections, and downloadable audio and eBooks!

If you wish to check out or place holds on library materials, you will need to visit a library location where a physical card will be issued to you upon verification of current address.

Additional verification is required for property ownership, Duval County School Board employment, City of Jacksonville employment, or student status.

You are eligible for a free Jacksonville Public Library card if you are:
  • A resident or property-owner in Duval County,
  • A Duval County public school teacher,
  • An employee of the City of Jacksonville, (Offices/Agencies of City Government)
  • Currently attending a college located in Jacksonville, or
  • Military personnel or family members of military personnel who reside in the state of Florida (must have valid military ID).

If you wish to borrow materials, but do not meet the above criteria, you may obtain a Six-month Nonresident Card for a fee of $25.00 or a One-year Nonresident Card for a fee of $40.00.

The charge for a replacement card is $2.00. The Library must be notified immediately if your card is lost or stolen.

Jacksonville Public Library cards are valid for three years from the issue date. To renew a library card, customers may visit any library location. Online renewal is not possible, as valid identification with current address must be brought to the library when renewing the card. There is no charge for renewal of a library card.

Customer in Good Standing

In order to use library services, customers must remain in good standing. If a customer is not in good standing, his or her library card will be "blocked" until the account is brought back into good standing.

"A customer in good standing is defined as one without outstanding fines, fees or overdue materials. All customers in good standing are eligible for free library services." (revised 11/2009)

Juvenile Cards

Any person age seventeen and younger can obtain a library card if he/she or his/her parent or legal guardian meets the requirements for a given type of card and has proper name ID for the child. A parent or guardian must sign the registration form. Without proper child ID, a card with temporary restrictions will be issued for three weeks.

Parent or guardian must show name ID for child.

Student Card

Duval County Public Schools elementary students (Kindergarten through 5th Grade) will receive a student card (account) associated with their student ID through a partnership between Jacksonville Public Library and Duval County Public Schools. No physical card is issued with this type of account. This is a pilot program for the 2015/2016 school year. Further expansion and continuation of this program will be considered prior to the 2016/2017 school year.

The student card provides the following:

  • Checkout limit of 3 books (includes print and audio) allowed at a time.
  • Access to all electronic and digital collections through the Library's website.
    • For Hoopla, OverDrive or Axis 360, students enter their student ID number in the library card number box. Enter student ID number in required PIN.
    • For Tumblebooks, Gale and Ebsco databases, enter an s (without quotes) followed by the student ID number. No PIN is required.
  • Use of Library computers.
  • Students may have a Juvenile Resident Card, in addition to the Student Card, following the standard application process.
  • No application and no parent/guardian signature required on the Student Card.
  • No fines or fees are assessed on the Student Card.

Account is activated for one year at a time and reactivated at the start of each school year for eligible students.

Educator Card

This special card is offered exclusively to educators in Duval County public, charter, and private schools. It allows holders to supplement their curriculum with an abundant, ever-changing supply of books on a range of subjects and reading levels to assist in ensuring educational success for students.


  • Complete an Educator Card application.
  • Present proof of employment by a Duval County educational facility, such as a letter from the principal, school system administrator, current school employee ID, pay stub or other official documentation.*
  • In the case of eligibility for Duval County Homeschool Teachers, a Homeschool Verification Letter on Duval County Public School Letterhead needs to be provided as the official documentation for the Educator Card.
  • Present proof of home address. The educator does not need to live in Duval County but must present proof of employment from a Duval County public, charter, or private school and proof of home address.

The Educator Card provides the following:

  • Check out of up to 100 books (includes print and audio)
  • Place holds on up to 50 books (includes print and audio)
  • Borrow the books for six (6) weeks from any Jacksonville Public Library location.
  • Place multiple holds on a single title by contacting any library location.
  • Visit the library to select materials and/or place holds on materials on-line for pick up.
  • No overdue fines are assessed on the Library Educator Card.
  • The Educator cardholder is responsible for any lost or damaged fees.
  • Renew the card annually. The card is valid from Aug. 1 - July 31. All educator cards expire on July 31.

*Note: In the case of eligibility for Duval County Homeschool Teachers, Florida State Statute 1002.41 a Homeschool Verification Letter on Duval County Public School Letterhead must be provided as the official documentation for the Educator Card. The Duval County Homeschool Teacher can request a Homeschool Verification Letter from:

Home Education Office
Duval County Public Schools
1701 Prudential Drive
Jacksonville, Florida 32207
(904) 390-2477

Acceptable Proof of Residency

Acceptable proof of residency is one of the following items imprinted with name and current street address:
(A Picture ID is preferred but not required.

  • FL drivers license
  • FL state identification
  • Current vehicle registration
  • Senior citizen ID card
  • Personal Check
  • Utilities bill or deposit receipt dated within the last month
  • Current rental or lease agreement

Combination of one Name ID and one Address ID:

Name ID

  • Birth Certificate
  • Photo ID
  • Out-of-state driver's license
  • Military ID

Address ID

  • Phone book listing
  • City Directory listing
  • Mail postmarked within the last month
  • A letter from a recognized social agency stating residency

Name ID for children can also include:

  • Social Security Card*
  • School ID
  • School Report Card
  • Insurance Card
*Note: The Social Security card number is not recorded.
Card Application

The library card application can now be viewed online in two forms.

Image of a JPL Library Card

You may fill out the application online. Then, print out the completed form and bring it (along with a valid form of ID) to your nearest library location to obtain a library card. (en Español, aquí.)

A printer-friendly version of the application is also available. Print the form, complete it in ink and bring it (along with a valid form of ID) to your nearest library location to obtain a library card. (en Español, aquí.)

All library card applicants must provide ID which includes your current street address. Examples of acceptable ID are driver's license, vehicle registration, or utilities bill.

Nonresidents of Duval County may be eligible for a free JPL library card if they can also provide one of the following:

  • For property owners, a document showing proof of ownership of property in Duval County.
  • For employees of the city of Jacksonville, their employee photo ID card.
  • For teachers, their Duval County School Board Employee photo ID.
  • For college students, proof of current registration from a Duval County institution.
  • For military personnel or family members of military personnel who reside in the state of Florida, their valid military ID.
Borrowing Materials

The Library has a collection of over two million items for children, teens, and adults. Newspapers, business directories and reference materials are available for use in the library only. Selected magazines and encyclopedias may be borrowed.

Borrowing Limits and Loan Periods
Item Type
Maximum Limit*
Loan Period
Express 7 Books 50* 7 days None
Express 21 Books 50* 21 days None
Videos 50* 7 days 2
DVDs 10 7 days 2
Kits 5 21 days 2
All Other Items 50* 21 days 2
* A total of 50 items may be checked out on your library card at one time.
This includes non-express books, audio books, and compact discs.

For JPL customers, the option exists to request items to be placed on hold. A hold is a request for an item to be pulled as soon as it is available and set aside for the customer who is next in line for the item.

Holds are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis and do not have a set arrival date. Once the requested item arrives at the customer's designated pickup branch and is available for checkout, you will be contacted by staff via phone, email, or text. Holds are kept at the selected pickup library up to seven days from notification.

To place a hold online, you need to have a valid library card and a Personal Identification Number (PIN). To place multiple holds on a single title, you will need to contact a library location.


  • Holds may not be placed on items such as Express7 or Express21 titles, reference items, eBooks, Special Collections material, or other specially designated items.
  • To place multiple holds on a single title, you will need to contact a library location.
  • There is a limit of 20 hold requests per customer at one time.

Renewing checked out materials may be done in person, over the telephone, or online, (My Library Account upper right corner of all web pages). Most materials may be renewed up to two times. Renewals, however, may not be made on Express books, InterLibrary Loan items, materials that have already been renewed twice, and titles that have been requested by other customers. Attempts at online renewal of materials checked out on your library card may also fail for the below possible reasons:

  • Item is overdue;
  • Library card is blocked due to fines/fees; or,
  • Library card privilege is expired (library cards expire after three years; to renew, must bring verification of current home address to any library location).

For additional information or questions about renewals, please contact the library location nearest you.


Help protect your community's valuable library resources and allow others to use them by returning them promptly! As a courtesy, three days before your items are due we will send a notice to your email address (if you have signed up for email notification) or a text (if you have signed up for text notification) informing you of the due date. We will send you an overdue notice (via email or print depending upon your choice) reminding you what materials have not been returned on time.

Replacement charges will be assessed for unreturned, lost or damaged materials. A small processing fee is included in the replacement cost. A bill will be assessed for unreturned overdue items and legal proceedings may be instituted if materials are not returned.

You may pay any assessed bills at any library location via cash, check, or credit card (MC/VISA only).

Type of Material
Overdue Fine Rate
Maximum Charge Per Item
Items Checked Out on
Adult cards
Items Checked Out on
Juvenile cards
Traveling Tales $1.00 per day $1.00 per day $20.00
DVD $1.00 per day $1.00 per day $10.00
All Other Formats* $.20 per day $.10 per day $4.00
*Includes books, videocassettes and audiobooks.

Claims Returned Policy

Customers may request an item or items still checked out to their account be placed in claims returned status. A claims returned item is one that the customer reports previously returned. This status change begins an investigative process. At the end of the sixty (60) day investigation, items still in claims returned status are billed to the customer's account. Items more than forty two (42) days overdue (lost status) and billed to the customer's account cannot be claimed returned.

To request an item(s) still checked out to your account be placed in claims returned status and begin the investigative process, please complete the following form:

Claims Returned Form
Pick up at one branch, drop off at another.

Books or materials borrowed from one branch may be returned to any library location in Duval county. We send materials back to their home branches.

Books, compact discs, audio books, videos and DVDs can also be delivered to your closest branch at your request. You can call or ask a staff member to place a "hold" on materials and the item will be sent to the branch closest to you. You can also request a title via our website using Search Catalog at the top of the web page.

Self-Service in the Checkout Lines!

Jacksonville Public Library is proud to offer self-service checkout to our customers. These machines are available for use at many locations. They are quick and easy to use and library staff are available to help and offer any assistance needed.

3M Self-Checkout machine at Main Library
V-series Self-Check Machine.

Please be aware that some locations in the systems have different models of machines. Some may have the desktop version of the self-check machine, while others may have the V-series model. The basic steps and requirements, however, remain the same:

  • Have your library card with you. You will need the card if you wish to use this service.
  • Scan your library card by placing it in the indicated location or passing it under the scanner.
  • Place items so that the barcode can be read by the checkout scanner, one at a time.
  • On some Desktop models, there may be a separate slot to insert a videocassette. Please note that those desktop models that do not have a separate slot for VHS tapes are not designed to check out this item type. Checking out videocassettes on these machines may accidentally corrupt or wipe the video tape.
  • For the V-series self-check machines, a 'tunnel' will be located near the machine. These are for use with DVDs or VHS tapes.
  • With all models of self-check, please follow the guidelines located at the self-check station.

If you run into difficulties, a staff member will be able to assist you, but please be aware that the following conditions will prevent utilization of this service:

  • If you do not have your card with you,
  • If you have fines/fees, or
  • If your library privilege has expired.
We don't have it? We'll look for it.

Our InterLibrary Loan Service (ILL) Department will help you find the materials the Library does not own. We will try our best to borrow the item from another library system. If you are in the library, Interlibrary Loan request forms are available online on the library's public computers or you may ask a staff member for assistance. You may also call Interlibrary Loan at (904) 630-2986.

Click here for more information about our InterLibrary Loan Service.

Report a Lost or Stolen Library Card

To report your library card lost or stolen, please call 630-BOOK or your nearest library location.

If you need to report your card after hours, please fill in the Report a Lost or Stolen Library Card form. Reporting a card lost as soon as possible will prevent any misuse of your card. Members are responsible for any activity on their card until the library is notified.

Revised 8/13/15 by the Board of Library Trustees.