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Jacksonville Public Library Capacity Plan

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Despite its growth and importance in the Jacksonville community and the local economy, the Jacksonville Public Library has faced annual budget uncertainty and significant decreases in its operating budgetóeven following a large expansion in 2004 resulting from the Better Jacksonville Plan.

In response, the Board of Library Trustees retained a consultant to determine the capacity of the library to provide quality services into the future. The library selected through competitive bid Godfrey's Associates, Inc., a library planning and consulting firm, to develop an integrated Capacity Plan to guide the library in delivering services. The consultants were charged with developing a plan that provides a roadmap for moving toward more sustainable facilities, Information Technology, services, and funding; that will guide decision making for resource deployment and service delivery; and that will include priorities, goals and objectives for the next 10 years.

Godfrey's Associates utilized the data the library collected in our earlier strategic planning process but also looked in more detail at the library's capacity to provide services in the constrained fiscal environment we expect to operate in for the next few years. In addition, the firm examined our buildings and technology, and involved the community in making decisions about facilities, services and service capacity, and funding into the future.

The consultantís recommendations were developed with input from the library, the community, and stakeholders, and are included in, "Past, Present, Future: A Library for the Future for Jacksonville, Final Report of the Jacksonville Public Library Capacity Plan Study."

Recommendations Submitted to the Mayor and City Council

The City of Jacksonville Municipal Code directs the Board of Library Trustees to provide the mayor and City Council with recommendations for action within 60 days of receiving the consultantís plan.

On July 14, 2011, in a unanimous vote, the board agreed to forward to the mayor and City Council five recommendations from the consultantís report. On July 15, 2011, the board submitted its recommendations to the mayor and City Council. A brief summary of the recommendations follows. Further details are included in the complete report of recommendations by the board.

  1. Delivery of Information: Information and the access to it in all forms strike at the core of the libraryís mission. The board recommends the city allow the library to manage its own information technology budget. In addition, a commitment must be made to sustain the libraryís collection of physical information in the form of books and other materials.

  2. Facilities Maintenance: All 21 library buildings, including the seven libraries built as a result of the Better Jacksonville Plan just six years ago, are in serious need of a plan to provide better maintenance

  3. Locations: To remedy inequities in library service, the board recommends that two new libraries be established in areas of the city that are currently either unserved or underserved.

  4. Library Revenues and Funding: The board recommends implementation of stable, reliable, and sustainable funding mechanisms, as well as endorsement of targeted capital investments.
  5. Staffing: The board recommends shifting a number of positions from civil service to appointed positions to achieve maximum hiring flexibility.

Board of Library Trustees
ad hoc Board Capacity Planning Committee

Jim Selzer, Board and Committee Chairperson
Brenda R. Simmons, Board Vice Chairperson
Mark S. Wood, Trustee
Rocelia Roman de Gonzalez, Trustee
Erin Vance, Trustee
Bill Brinton, Community Member
Barbara A.B. Gubbin, Ex-Officio

Library Senior Staff Capacity Planning Team

Barbara A. B. Gubbin, Director
Carolyn Williams, Deputy Director
Barrett King, Deputy Director
Luis Flores, Assistant Director
Gretchen Mitchell, Assistant Director
Kathy Lussier, Assistant Director for Community Relations & Marketing
Richard Mott, Manager of Strategic Initiatives

Public Meeting Presentations

Four public meetings were held January 11 and 12 to review consultants' findings regarding the Jacksonville Public Library system. Below are slides from the presentations given at each meeting.

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