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The Bookmobile is currently not operating.
75 Years of Service

75 Years of Bookmobile service
Operating since 1928, the bookmobile continues a strong tradition of public service.



What could be easier than picking up a few books from the Bookmobile while shopping at your local shopping center?
Our mobile library provides a time-saving alternative to a drive to a branch library. It also extends library services to residents in outlying areas of Duval County, where branch libraries are not located.


With more than 4,000 books, the Bookmobile's collection offers materials for children and adults, including both fiction and non-fiction.
  • The reading level of children's books ranges from preschool through sixth grade.
  • The adult collection includes traditional books, paperback books, large print books, books on tape and CD, and magazines. There is also a small reference section.
Today's Bookmobile

Today’s Bookmobile
The newly remodeled bookmobile reflects its history and provides the modern conveniences of a full service branch.

The Bookmobile is a mobile branch of the Jacksonville Public Library. It provides the same service as any other branch.
If the book you want is not on the Bookmobile, please request the book to be sent to the Bookmobile. You will receive a notice when the Bookmobile has your book. The item you requested will be carried on the Bookmobile for the following two stops.

Check It Out

Library cards are free to Duval County residents as well as Duval County property owners. Your card may be used at any location of the Jacksonville Public Library.

Bookmobile books are checked out for four weeks and may be returned to the Bookmobile or any Jacksonville Public Library location. The fine for each overdue item checked out on an Adult card is $ .20 every two weeks with a maximum fine of $4. The fine for each item checked out on a Juvenile card is $ .10 every two weeks with a maximum fine of $4. Penalties are suspended if the Bookmobile is out of service when your book is due.

Current Schedule

 NOTICE  The Bookmobile is currently not operating.
Where to Find Us

To find out if the Bookmobile is on schedule or for more information about the Bookmobile, call (904) 630-2665. The Bookmobile schedule is subject to change without notice due to weather, traffic, or mechanical difficulties.