Documentary (DVD)

Holding ID Title Rating
DW070094 America's Stone Age Explorers. NR
DW070049 Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land. NR
DW070145 Battle of the Bulge: the deadliest battle of World War II. NR
DW070050 Battle of the X-Planes. NR
DW070047 Battle Plan Under Fire. NR
DW070038 Bertie & Elizabeth: the Story of King George… NR
DW070104 Bird Flu: how safe are we? NR
DW070095 The Boldest Hoax. NR
DW070051 Crash of Flight 111. NR
DW070046 Daring Flight. NR
DW070036 Deadly Ascent. NR
DW070043 Descent Into the Ice. NR
DW070077 Dimming the Sun NR
DW070035 Dogs and More Dogs. NR
DW070020 Einstein's Big Idea. NR
DW070055 Elegant Universe. NR
DW070041 Fire Wars. NR
DW070045 Galileo's Battle for the Heavens. NR
DW070096 The Ghost Particle. NR
DW070089 Grass NR
DW070023 The Great Escape. NR
DW070146 The Great Robot Race. NR
DW070127 Haley and Madonna. NR
DW070022 Hitler's Lost Sub. NR
DW070025 Hitler's Sunken Secret. NR
DW070024 Hunt for the Supertwister. NR
DW070021 Hurricane Katrina: the Storm that Drowned a City. NR
DW070032 Infinite Secrets: the Genius of Archimedes. NR
DW070097 Jewel of the Earth. NR
DW070210 Killer Whales in the Wild. NR
DW070033 Life and Death in the War Zone. NR
DW070048 Magnetic Storm: Earth's Invisible Shield. NR
DW070028 Mars: Dead or Alive. NR
DW070042 The Mummy who Would be King. NR
DW070098 Mystery of the Megaflood. NR
DW070027 Newton's Dark Secrets. NR
DW070056 Origins: 14 Billion Years of Cosmic Evolution. NR
DW070099 The Perfect Corpse. NR
DW070172 Rx for Survival: a global health challenge. NR
DW070040 Saving the National Treasures. NR
DW070275 scienceNOW NR
DW070069 Science Odyssey: Bigger, Better, Faster. NR
DW070068 Science Odyssey: In Search of Ourselves. NR
DW070066 Science Odyssey: Matters of Life and Death. NR
DW070067 Science Odyssey: Mysteries of the Universe. NR
DW070070 Science Odyssey: Origins. NR
DW070101 Secrets of the Crocodile Caves. NR
DW070037 Shackleton's Voyage of Endurance. NR
DW070039 Sinking the Supership. NR
DW070019 Supersonic Dream: a Tribute to the Concorde. NR
DW070054 They Made America. NR
DW070016 Tsunami: the Wave that Shook the World. NR
DW070102 Typhoid Mary: the most dangerous woman in America. NR
DW070276 Underwater Dream Machine. NR
DW070103 The Viking Deception. NR
DW070017 Volcano Above the Clouds. NR
DW070044 Volcano Under the City. NR
DW070031 Welcome to Mars. NR
DW070030 Who Killed the Red Baron. NR
DW070029 World in the Balance: the Population Paradox. NR
DW070018 Wright Brother's Flying Machine. NR