Children's (VHS)

Holding ID Title Rating
DV000014 Arthur Makes the Team; plus, Meek For a Week. G
DV000013 Arthur Writes a Story; plus, Locked In the Library. G
DV000018 Arthur's Baby; plus, D.W.'s baby. G
DV000020 Arthur's Chicken Pox; plus, Arthur and the True... G
DV000022 Arthur's Eyes; plus, Francine's Bad Hair Day. G
DV000017 Arthur's First Sleepover; plus, Arthur's Lost Dog. G
DV000016 Arthur's Lost Library Book; plus, D.W.'s Imaginary… G
DV000015 Arthur's New Puppy; plus, Buster's Dino Dilemna. G
DV000019 Arthur's Pet Business; plus, D.W the Copycat. G
DV000012 Arthur's Teacher Trouble; plus, Arthur's Spelling… G
DV000023 Arthur's Tooth; plus, Sick as a dog. G
DV010126 Babe. G
DV011604 Bob the Builder: Special Delivery Spud. NR
DV010073 Casper. PG
DV000021 D.W. Rides Again; plus, Arthur's Cousin Catastrophe… G
DV000011 D.W. the Picky Eater; plus, Buster and the Daredevils. G
DV000010 D.W.'s Blankie; plus, the Perfect Brother. G
DV011338 Degas and the Dancer. PG
DV011688 Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat. PG
DV011346 Edison: the Wizard of Light. NR
DV011347 Einstein: Light to the Power of 2. NR
DV010210 Franklin the Turtle. NR
DV011357 George's Island. NR
DV010058 A Girl of the Limberlost. NR
DV011365 Goya: Awakened In a Dream. NR
DV010222 Kipper: the Rescue; the Rainbow Puddle... NR
DV010118 Land Before Time. G
DV011402 The Last Winter. PG
DV011406 Leonardo: a Dream of Flight. NR
DV010224 Little Bear: Emily's Birthday; the Great Race; Circus… NR
DV010239 Little Bear: Where Lucy Went; Monster Pudding… NR
DV010209 Little Bill. NR
DV011530 The Little Princess. NR
DV010100 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. G
DV011418 Mary Cassatt: American Impressionist. NR
DV011429 Monet: Shadow and Light. NR
DV011547 The New Adventures of Heidi. NR
DV011436 Newton: a Tale of Two Isaacs. NR
DV010065 Old Yeller. G
DV011450 The Painted Hills. G
DV011685 Peter Pan. PG
DV011454 The Pied Piper of Hamelin. NR
DV011726 The Prince and the Pauper. PG
DV011466 Rembrandt: Fathers and Sons. NR
DV010276 Spy Kids. PG
DV011815 Voyage of the Unicorn. NR
DV011520 Winslow Homer: an American Original. NR