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Downtown -- Docks

PCJAX045-001 PCJAX045-001b
PCJAX045-001     Clyde Line steamer Comanche landing, Jacksonville, Florida

PCJAX045-002 PCJAX045-002b
PCJAX045-002     Jacksonville, Fla. river front

PCJAX045-003 PCJAX045-003b
PCJAX045-003     Dock scene, unloading water melons, Jacksonville, Fla

PCJAX045-004 PCJAX045-004b
PCJAX045-004     Jacksonville, Fla. the cocoanut dock

PCJAX045-005 PCJAX045-005b
PCJAX045-005     Along the water front, Jacksonville, Fla.

PCJAX045-006 PCJAX045-006b
PCJAX045-006     Skyline from St. Johns River Bridge at Jacksonville, Fla.

PCJAX045-007 PCJAX045-007b
PCJAX045-007     Overlooking Jacksonville's large and spacious municipal parking lot

PCJAX045-008 PCJAX045-008b
PCJAX045-008     St. John's River, showing Draw Bridge, Jacksonville, Fla.

PCJAX045-009 PCJAX045-009b
PCJAX045-009     River front, Jacksonville, Fla.

PCJAX045-010 PCJAX045-010b
PCJAX045-010     Freight yards and bridge across St. Johns River, Jacksonville, Fla.

PCJAX045-011 PCJAX045-011b
PCJAX045-011     Ship near docks, Jacksonville, Fla.

PCJAX045-012 PCJAX045-012b
PCJAX045-012     St. Johns River, Jacksonville in background

PCJAX045-013 PCJAX045-013b
PCJAX045-013     View of docks and water front, Jacksonville, Fla.

PCJAX045-014 PCJAX045-014b
PCJAX045-014     Clyde Line docks, Jacksonville, Fla.

PCJAX045-015 PCJAX045-015b
PCJAX045-015     Clyde Line docks, Jacksonville, Fla.

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