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Collection Highlights

Collection Highlights | Special Collections

Collection Highlights

Authors for Young Readers
Suggested authors in the library collection.

The Basic Repertoire
From Bach to Wagner, check out our classical music core collection on CD.

Center Stage
Opera on DVD in the Library's collection.

Digital Audiobooks, eBooks, Music & Videos
Check out our electronic books, audiobooks, music, and videos and download them to your personal computer or PDA.

The Freedom Shrine
A collection of historical documents selected to encourage young people to read and understand the importance of the American struggle for freedom.

International Languages Collection
Books in international languages in the library collection.

International Resources
Books in Non-English Languages, World Music Collection, Transparent Language Online, Downloadable Non-English Books, Country Information Databases, Databases in Spanish, & World Newspapers.

Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra
Concert repertoire available at the Library.

Newspaper Resources
Print and Microfilm editions available of National, Local, and Historical papers.

Pulitzer Prize for Music
From 1943 to the present, Pulitzer prize winning scores and recordings in the Library’s collection.

The Reel Thing
The American Film Institute’s Top 100 Films.

Robert A.M. Stern, Architect
Check out biographies and folios on the designer of the new Main Library.

Traveling Tales
A unique collection of thematic storytime programs. Each Traveling Tales kit contains a children’s program you can check out and take home.

We The People Bookshelf
A program to encourage young people to read and understand great literature while exploring themes in American history.

The Zine Collection
The Jacksonville Public Library has a zine collection – one of the first housed in a public library in the Southeast!

Special Collections

Unique resources located at the Main Library including the African-American Collection, the Lewis Ansbacher Map Collection, the Delius Collection, the Digital Library Collection, the Government Documents Collection, the Florida Collection, the Genealogy Collection, the Holocaust Collection, the Map Collection, Nonprofit Resources @ JPL, and the Loyd Sandgren Photography Collection.