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1945 Florida Census project

Jacksonville Public Library has undertaken a project to digitize and index the 1945 Florida state census. We need volunteers to help with indexing and proofreading. Volunteers can work from home or at the library.

Description of the project:

The 1945 Census project will begin with Duval County. We will scan each precinct into one PDF document and post that document online. There will be a total of 90 files as Duval County was divided into 90 precincts in 1945. The PDF documents will look like this: /coll/gen/1945census/precinct-1C.pdf

Volunteers will receive a link to the PDF file for their precinct via email. They will enter (1) last name, (2) first name, (3) precinct and (4) page number into an Excel file. To ensure the most accurate transcription possible, every page will be transcribed twice, each by a different person. Both sets of transcription are then checked for any discrepancies by a third person and suitable corrections will be made.

The resulting Excel files will be combined, then alphabetized electronically and converted into HTML format so they may be placed online.


Contact David Fuller at 630-0374 or enter your information below: