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AAFA Action (Alford Family)
Aberdeen & Northeast Scotland Family History Society Newsletter
Alabama Genealogical Quarterly
Alabama Genealogical Register
Alabama-Georgia Queries
The American Genealogist
American Spirit (DAR)
Ancestor Update
Ancestors Unlimited Edition
Ancestry Palm Beach County Genealogical Society
Ancestry Newsletter
Ancestral Notes
Ancient City Genealogical
"Ansearchin" News
The Appleland Bulletin
The Armchair Researcher
The Armorial
The Augustan
Austin Genealogical Society Quarterly

The Backtracker
Ball Beginnings
Ballew Family Journal
Barrett Branches
Blair Bruidhinn
Boggs Newsletter
Branches and Twigs
Brevard Genealogical Society Quarterly
British Columbian Genealogist
Bucks County Genealogical Society
The Bulletin: Athens County (Ohio) Historical Society and Museum
The Bulletin (genealogical society of South Brevard Co.)
Bulletin Chester County, South Carolina
Buried Treasures: Central Florida Genealogical and Historical Society
Bulletin of the Watauga Association of Genealogists

The Carolina Genealogist
The Carolina Herald
The Carolina Herald and Newsletter
Carroll County Genealogical Quarterly
C*C*S*C Noviny
Central Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly
Chicago Genealogist
Children of the American Revolution Magazine
Clark House News
Clermont County Genealogical Society (OH) Newsletter
The Coat of Arms
The Coat of Arms New Series
Colonial Courier
Colonial Genealogist
Colonial Genealogist New Series
Colonial Genealogist
Computerized Surname Magazine
Confederate Echoes
Confederate Veteran
Connecticut Ancestry
Cumulative Index of the Confederate Veteran
Cook's Crier
Connecticut Nutmeger
Connecticut Connections
Cracker Crumbs (Bradenton, FL)

Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine
Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine
Deep South Genealogical Quarterly
Digger's Digest
Dickinson Diggings
Downeast Ancestry

East Kentuckian
Eswau Huppeday
Everton's Genealogical Helper

The Family Finder
Family Chronicle
Family Puzzlers
Family Tree Magazine
Family Trails
The Family Tree
Family Tree (elle paque odm)
Flint Genealogical Quarterly
Florida Genealogist
Florida Genealogist Index
Florida Armchair Researcher
The Florida Genealogist
Florida Lines (Florida State Genealogical Society)
Florida State Genealogical Society Newsletter
Footnotes (Georgia Genealogical Society)
Frontier Freedman's Journal

Genealogical Horn
Gen Accr Res's Record Round Up
Genealogical & Historical Magazine of the South
Genealogical Gazzette
Genealogy Magazine
The Genealogical Journal
Genealogical Journal Randolph Co., NC
Genealogist American-Candadian Gen. Soc.
Genealogical Journal Utah
Genealogical Library Quarterly
Genealogical Newsletter and Research Aids
Master Index to the Georgia Genealogical Magazine numbers 1-46
The Genealogical Record (Houston) Genealogical Reference Builders Newsletter
Genealogical Society of Oklahoma County
Genealogical Society of Okeechobee
Genealogical Society of Sarasota Newsletter
Genealogical Society Unlimited
Genealogical Society of Weld Count Colorado Quarterly
The Genealogists' Magazine
Genealogy and History
Genealogy Bulletin
The Georgia Genealogist
Genealogy Digest
Genealogy Indiana Historical Society
Genealogy Journal
Genealogy Unlimited (Georgia)
The Genie
Troup County Georgia, and her People
Geneline Amelia Island Genealogical Society
Georgia Armchair Researcher
The Georgia Genealogical Magazine
The Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly
The Georgia Genealogist
Georgia Magazine
Georgia Pioneers Genealogical Magazine
Gleanings from the West Fields
Goodenow's Ghosts
Great Migration Newsletter

The Happy Hunter
Harris County, Georgia and her people
Hawkeye Heritage
Heart of Texas Records
Heritage (Greater Miami Genealogical Society)
Heritage Seeker
Hernando County Genealogical Society
Higdon Family Newsletter
Highlands County Genealogical Society
Historical and Genealogical Society of Indiana County (Pennsylvania)
Historical New Hampshire
History Notes: Virginia Historical Society
H-Nson Newsletter
Hoosier Genealogist
Howland Quarterly
The Hugenot
Transactions of the Hugenot Society of South Carolina
Huxford Index
Huxford Genealogical Society Quarterly

Idaho Genealogical Society Quarterly
Illiana Genealogist
Indiana History Bulleting
Illinois State Genealogical Society Quarterly
Indiana Magazine of History
International Society for British Genealogy and Family History
Iowa State Genealogical Society

Jacksonville Genealogical Society Newsletter
Jacksonville Genealogical Society Quarterly
Jacksonville Genealogical Society Quarterly Index to Volumes 1-4
Je Me Souviens
Journal of American Genealogy
Journal of Genealogy

Kalamazoo Family Newsletter
Kansas City Genealogist
Karankowa Kountry Quarterly
Kentucky Ancestors
Kentucky Kinfolk
Keystone Kin

L' Heritage
'Latchua County News
Leaves of Greene
Lee County (FL) Genealogical Society
Lexington County Genealogical Exchange
Links and Bridges
Louisiana Genealogical Register

Magazine of American Genealogy
Magazine of Virginia Genealogy
Maryland and Delaware Genealogist
Bulletin of the Maryland Genealogy Society
Maryland Historical Magazine
The Mayflower Descendents
Mayflower Quarterly
Midwest Genealogical Register
Minute Man
Mississippi Genealogical Exchange
Mississippi Valley Historical Review
Mountain Empire Genealogical Quarterly
Murphee Quarterly

Nassau County Genealogist
National Genealogical Society Quarterly
Topical Index to National Genealogical Society Quarterly
National Historical Magazine
National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
The Navigator (Norfolk Genealogical Society)
Nebraska Ancestree
Nebraska State Genealogical Society
New England Ancestors
The New England Historical and Genealogical Register of Persons
The New England Historical and Genealogical Register
New England Quarterly
New York Genealogical and Biographical Record
News 'N' Notes: St. Louis Genealogical Society
Newsleaf: The Ontario Genealogical Society
NGS Newsletter
NGS News Magazine
North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal
Journal of North Carolina Genealogy
The North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register
Journal of North Carolina Genealogy
North Carolinian
North Central North Dakota Genealogical Record

Journal of the Oconee County Historical Society
Newsnotes of the Oconee County Historical Society
Ohio Genealogical Society Newsletters
Ohio Genealogical Society: The Report
Ohio Records & Pioneer Families
Oklahoma Genealogical Society Bulletin
Old Newberry District Quarterly
"Old Northwest" Genealogical Quarterly
Orange County California Genealogical Society Quarterly
Origins (GA)

Palmetto Trails
The Pangburn Letter
Patriotic Marylander
Pinckey District Chapter Quarterly
Pioneer Pathfinder (SD)
Platte County Missouri Historical & Genealogical Society Bulletin
Pope County Historical Association Quarterly
Prescotts Unlimited
Proceedings of the Hugenot Society of Great Britain & Ireland
Proceedings of the Hugenot Society of London
Prologue: The Journal of the National Archives
Putnam County (Fla.) Genealogical Society Newsletter
Putnam County Genealogical Society Quarterly Journal

The Quarterly Dallas Genealogical Society
The Quarterly Review of Eastern North Carolina Genealogical Society
The Quill

The Record
The Register (North Brevard, FL)
Register of the Kentucky Historical Society
Rhode Island Genealogical Register
Ridge Runners
Roots & Shoots Quarterly: Southern Ohio Genealogical Society

SAR Magazine
Bulletin of the Seattle Genealogical Society
The Second Boat
The Shackleford Quarterly
Society of Mayflower Descendents in the State of Florida
South Carolina Genealogical Society (Greenville)
South Carolina Genealogical Society (Pickney)
South Carolina Historical Magazine
South Carolina Genealogical Register
South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research
South Central Pennsylvania Genealogical Society
South Florida Pioneers
Southeastern Native American Exchange
SGES Newsletter
The Exchange (SGES)
Southern Echoes, Augusta GA
Southern Genealogical index
Southern Genealogist's Exchange Quarterly
Southern Genealogical Index
Southern States Armchair Researcher
Southern Genealogical Index
Sparks Quarterly
St. Louis Genealogical Society
suncoast Searcher
Texas State Genealogical Society
Stagecoach Library Bulletin
Stagecoach Supplement

Tale of Mid-Cities
Tap Roots
Tennessee Ancestors
"They Were Here" Georgia Genealogical Records
Three Rivers Chronicle
Thorny Trail Midland, Texas
Tole Dot
Toronto Tree
Tree Talks
TriCity Genealogical Society Bulletin
Troup County, Georgia and her people
Tyler's Quarterly Historical and Geneoligcal Magazine
Tyrell Family History Society

UDC United Daughters of the Confederacy Magazine
Underhill Society of America News & Views
U.S.D. 1812 Newsletter
Utah Genealogy Association News

Virginia Appalachian Notes
The Quarterly of Virginia Genealogical Society
The Virginia Genealogist
The Virginia Historical Register
Virginia Magazine of History and Biography

The Wagoner
Watauga Assoc. of Genealogists
West Florida Genealogical Society Newsletter
Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society Quarterly
William and Mary Quarterly

Yalobusha Pioneer
Yoo Hoo Hoosiers!