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Researching Florida Ancestors

City Directories

Jacksonville City Directories (1870 - present)
Florida City Directories (non-Jacksonville): includes Deland, Eustis, Gainesville, Ocala, Palatka, State of Florida, Daytona Beach 1908-1960; some years missing.

Jacksonville City Directories for select years are available online at the JPL Digital Library.

Census Records

  • Federal Censuses 1830-1930 (excluding 1890)
  • Soundexes for Federal Censuses 1880-1930 (excluding 1890)
  • State Censuses for 1885, 1935 and 1945

Marriage Records

Marriages for Duval County 1823-1963.
GEN Microfilm
Microfilm set includes marriage certificates (1823-1927), register of marriages (1889-1931), and marriage license applications (1915-1927) and an index to marriage records (1823-1963).

Probate Records

Probate Records 1822-1922.
GEN Microfilm
Microfilm set includes indexed Last Wills and Testatments (1866-1922), Letters Testamentary and Administration (1865-1902), Orders, Petitions, and Oaths of Administration (1892-1908), Order Books in Probate (1845-1878), Homestead Exemptions (1851-1893), Index to Probate Packets (1805-1960), Probate Packets (nos. 1-2269), Index to Judgements and Decrees (1901-1922), and Index to Satisfactions and Assignments of Judgement (1904-1923).

Land Records

Archibald Records 1822-1894.
GEN Microfilm
Named for J.W. Archibald of the Title and Trust Company of Florida, the Archibald Records contain copies of the abstract company's records which were the only land records available following the destruction of the official records in the Jacksonville fire of 1901.
Deed Records 1822-1923.
GEN Microfilm
Microfilm set includes direct index to deeds (1901-1923) and reverse index to deeds (1901-1923).
Mortgage Records 1901-1923.
GEN Microfilm
Microfilm set includes index to mortgagors (1901-1923) and index to mortgagees (1901-1923).

Vital Records

Guide to Supplementary Vital Statistics from Church Records in Florida.
Gen 929.3759 h673g
  • Florida Death Index 1877-2001
  • Florida Marriage Index 1927-2001
  • Florida Divorce Index 1927-2001

Voter Records

Florida Juror and Witness Certificates.
GEN 929.3759 B762f
Florida Voters in their First Statewide Election: May 26, 1845.
FLA 324.9034 M621f
Includes voter lists by county. This study is based on "the original 1845 Election Returns in the collection of the Florida State Archives, Bureau of Archives and Records Management, Division of Library & Information Services (Record Group 156, Series 486)"
Florida Voter Registration Lists, 1867-68.
GEN 929.3759 F636

War Records

  • Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers Who Served in Organizations in Florida (Index)
  • Compiled Service Records of Confederates of Florida (104 rolls)
  • Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Union Soldiers Who Served in Organizations from Florida (Index)
  • Confederate Service Records of Florida (Index, 11 rolls)
  • East Florida Papers (various subjects) to 1821
  • Florida 1st Cavalry (4th Infantry)
  • Florida 5th Infantry
  • Florida City Directories (non-Jacksonville includes Deland, Eustis, Gainesville, Ocala, Palatka, State of Florida, Daytona Beach 1908-1960 some years missing)
  • Florida Confederate Pension Records (107 rolls)

Bible Records 

Florida Connections through Bible Records.
GEN 929.3759 T238f
Family Bible Records.
GEN 929.3759 E26f
Bible Records / collected by the Genealogical Records Chairmen, Florida Society, and representing almost all 84 chapters, Daughters of the American Revolution.
GEN 929.3759 D238bi
Jacksonville, Florida Bible Records.
GEN 929.3759 D238jf

Prison Records

Florida prison records, 1875 through 1899.
GEN 929.3759 B762f

Florida Pioneers

Pioneers of Florida's First Coast.
GEN 929.37591 S727p
A Collection of Bio-genealogical Sketches of Selected Early Florida Pioneers.
GEN 929.3759 L998c
Florida Pioneers and their Descendants.
GEN 929.3759 F636
Florida Pioneers and their Alabama, Georgia, Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia Ancestors.
GEN 929.2 A1A946f

County Histories

History of Duval County, Florida: Biographies of Men and Women who Have Done Their Part in Making Duval County, Past and Present.
FLA 975.912 G618h
Once upon a Lifetime: in Baker County, Florida.
GEN 929.375913 S635o
Madison County, Florida, Family History Book.
GEN 929.375985 M182
History of Jefferson County, Florida.
GEN 929.375987 M174h
Pioneers of Jackson County: the Landholders 1826-1893, the Voting Record of 1845, 1850 U.S. Census of Jackson County, Glen's Stories and Reminiscences, and Some Pioneer Families of Jackson County.
GEN 929.375993 N753p
1896 Directory, Guide & History of Dade County, Florida.
GEN 929.3759381 E34
Sharon, Clay County, Florida: the Community, the Church, the Cemetery.
GEN 929.375916 B965s
Unto this Land: a History of the St. Johns Park Area of Flagler County, Florida and the Pioneer Settlers and their Descendants.
GEN 929.375919 U61
Search for Yesterday: a History of Levy County, Florida.
GEN 975.977 S439


  • Florida Genealogist
  • Florida Historical Quarterly
  • Jacksonville Genealogical Society Newsletter
  • Jacksonville Genealogical Society Quarterly
  • SGES Newsletter
  • SGES Quarterly
  • Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Florida
  • Treasure Coast Genealogical Society Bulletin
  • Genealogical Society of Okaloosa County, FL
  • Genealogical Society of Sarasota
  • Geneline (Amelia Island)
  • Putnam County Genealogical Society Newsletter
  • Palmetto Trails (Arcadia)
  • Ancestry (Palm Beach County)
  • Links and Bridges (Hernando County)
  • Suncoast Genealogical Society (Palm Harbor)
  • Florida State Genealogical Society Newsletter
  • Cracker Crumbs (Bradenton)

Historical Newspapers


The Florida Collection has an assortment of historical newspapers focused primarily on Jacksonville, but also including publications from Fernandina, Orlando and St. Augustine. The 146-reel collection ranges as far back as 1823.

For a complete listing of Florida historical newspapers, click here.