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1945 Census Project

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About the project:

In accordance with the 1838 Constitution, Florida state censuses were conducted in 1845 and every ten years after until the state census was abolished in 1949 (Senate Joint Resolution #46, 1949). Although 10 state censuses were conducted, the only schedules that exist today are the 1885, 1935, and 1945 censuses. A printed index exists for 1885 but no index is available for 1935 or 1945.

Jacksonville Public Library has made the 1945 Florida State Census more accessible by digitizing and indexing many of the 90 Duval County precincts. The schedule includes the following information: name, address (whether inside or outside city limits), age, sex, race, relation to family, place of birth, degree of education, whether home owner or renter, and occupation.

Name Indexes:

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