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Jacksonville and Florida History

Finding Florida: The True History of the Sunshine State by T. D. Allman Finding Florida: The True History of the Sunshine State by T. D. Allman
Call Number: 975.9 ALLMAN
  Laudonniere & Flort Caroline: History and Documents Laudonniere & Fort Caroline: History and Documents by Charles E. Bennett
Call Number:
975.901 BENNETT 2001
Settlement of Florida by Charles E. Bennett Settlement of Florida by Charles E. Bennett
Call Number:
FLA 975.901 B471s
  Twelve on the River St. Johns by Charles E. Bennett Twelve on the River St. Johns by Charles E. Bennett
Call Number: 975.91 B
The Book of Jacksonville, a history being a series of descriptive articles, historical, industrial and biographical of Jacksonville by S. Paul Brown
Call Number:
FLA 917.59121 B884b
  Jacksonville: Riverport-Seaport by George E. Buker Jacksonville: Riverport-Seaport by George E. Buker
Call Number: 975.912 B
Florida's Past: People and Events that Shaped the State by Gene M. Burnett
Call Number: 975.9 B v.1
(3 volumes)
  The African-American Heritage of Florida by David R. Colburn and Jane L. Landers
Call Number: 975.900496 A
The Seminoles of Florida by James W. Covington
Call Number:
975.9004973 C, 1993
  Jacksonville Greets the 20th Century: The Pictorial Legacy of Leah Mary Cox by Leah Mary Cox
Call Number:
975.912063 COX
Jacksonville: The Consolidation Story, From Civil Rights to the Jaguars by James B. Crooks
Call Number:
975.912043 CROOKS
  Jacksonville After the Fire, 1901-1919
Call Number: 975.912 C
The Other War of 1812: The Patriot War and the American Invasion of Spanish East Florida by James G. Cusick
Call Number: 973.523 CUSICK
  History of Jacksonville, Florida, and Vicinity, 1513 to 1924
Call Number:
975.9121 D, 1990
Reclaiming Jacksonville: Stories Behind the River City's Historic Landmarks by Ennis Davis and Robert Mann
Call Number: 975.912 DAVIS
  Beechers, Stowes, and Yankee Strangers: The Transformation of Florida by John T. Foster, Jr.
Call Number:
975.9061 FOSTER
Florida: A Short History by Michael Gannon
Call Number: 975.9 G
  The New History of Florida by Michael Gannon
Call Number: 975.9 NEW
History of Duval County, Florida by Pleasant Daniel Gold
Call Number: 975.912 G
  Mandarin on the St. Johns by Mary B. Graff
Call Number: 975.912 G
A History of the Timucua Indians and Missions by John T. Hann
Call Number: 975.9004975 H
  Painter in a Savage Land: The Strange Saga of the First European Artist in North America by Miles Harvey
Call Number:
African Americans in Florida by Maxine D. Jones and Kevin M. McCarthy
Call Number: 975.900496 J
  The Enterprise of Florida: Pedro Menendez de Aviles and the Spanish Conquest of 1565-1568 by Eugene Lyon
Call Number: 975.901 LYON
975.901 LYON
The City Makers by Richard A. Martin
Call Number: 975.9121 M
  A Quiet Revolution: The Consolidation of Jacksonville-Duval County and the Dynamics of Urban Political Reform by Richard A. Martin
Call Number: 352 MARTIN 2008
African-American Life in Jacksonville by Herman Mason
Call Number: 975.912 MASON
  African-American Sites in Florida by Kevin McCarthy
Call Number:
975.900496 MCCARTHY
Frolicking Bears, Wet Vultures, & Other Oddities: A New York City Journalist in Nineteenth-Century Florida by Amos J. Cummings and Jerald T. Milanich
Call Number:
917.5904 CUMMINGS
  The Seminole Wars: America's Longest Indian Conflict by John Missall
Call Number: 973.5 MISSALL
Land of Sunshine, State of Dreams: A Social History of Modern Florida by Gary Ross
Call Number:
  Confederate Florida: The Road to Olustee by William H. Nulty
Call Number:
973.73 NULTY 1990a
Florida Under Five Flags by Rembert W. Patrick and Allen Morris
Call Number: 975.9 P, 1967
  Napoleon Bonaparte Broward: Florida's Fighting Democrat by Samuel Proctor
Call Number:
BIO 975.9061092 BROWARD
Dream State: Eight Generations of Swamp Lawyers, Conquistadors, Confederate Daughters, Banana Republicans, and other Florida Wildlife by Diane Roberts
Call Number: 975.9 ROBERTS
  American Beach: A Saga of Race, Wealth, and Memory by Russ Rymer
Call Number: 975.911 RYMER
Last Train to Paradise: Henry Flagler and the Spectacular Rise and Fall of the Railroad That Crossed an Ocean by Les Standiford
Call Number:
385.0975941 STANDIFORD
  Anna Madgigine Jai Kingsley: African Princess, Florida Slave, Plantation Slaveowner by Daniel L. Schafer
Call Number:
Thunder on the River: The Civil War in Northeast Florida by Daniel L. Schafer
Call Number: 975.91205 SCHAFER
  Nor Is It Over Yet: Florida in the Era of Reconstruction, 1863-1877 by Jerrell Shofner
Call Number: 975.906 S599n
Slavery and Plantation Growth in Antebellum Florida by Julia F. Smith
Call Number: 917.5903 S653s
  Palmetto Leaves by Harriet Beecher Stowe
Call Number: 917.5912 S, 1999
A History of Florida by Charlton Tebeau
Call Number: 975.9 TEBEAU 1980
  Old Hickory's Town: an Illustrated History of Jacksonville by James Robertson Ward
Call Number: 975.9121 W
Florida Politics in the Gilded Age, 1877-1893 by Edward C. Williamson
Call Number: 320.975906 W
  The Great Fire of 1901 by Wayne W. Wood and Bill Foley
Call Number: 975.912 FOLEY
Jacksonville's Architectural Heritage: Landmarks for the Future by Wayne W. Wood
Call Number:
720.975912 WOOD 1996
  Florida in the American Revolution by J. Leitch Wright, Jr.
Call Number: 975.902 W
Florida in the Civil War by Lewis N. Wynne and Robert Taylor
Call Number: 975.905 WYNNE