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Computer and Technology Classes

October - December 2015 Class Catalog

About our classes

All classes and Open Labs are free; no sign up is required.
Please arrive on time.
If you are late, please be respectful when entering the class.
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E-Books, Music, Movies and Magazines | Computers for Beginners
Microsoft Office | Special Topics | Open Labs

E-Books, Music, Movies and Magazines

E-Books and More
Learn about Jacksonville Public Library's downloadable media collection. From OverDrive, Axis 360, Hoopla Digital, Zinio and One Click Digital join us for a demonstration of how to access all these for free with your library card. (Devices1, Download1)
Hoopla Digital: Streaming Music and Movies
Learn how to access our collection of downloadable movies, TV shows, and music. You will learn how to navigate our collection and transfer content to your computer, smartphone, or tablet. (Devices1, Download1)
Introduction to Axis 360
Learn about the Jacksonville Public Library’s Axis 360 downloadable media collection. Learn to navigate the site and transfer digital content to your device. Learn where to find device and download resources any time using our website. (Download1)
Introduction to OneClick Digital
OneClick Digital offers free e-book and audiobook downloads to anyone with an active library card. In this class, attendees will learn how to activate their account and begin using this unique and free service from Jacksonville Public Library. (Download1)
Introduction to OverDrive
Learn about the Jacksonville Public Library’s e-Book collection. Learn to navigate the downloadable digital content site and transfer digital content to your device. Learn where to find device and download resources any time using our website. (Download1)
Introduction to Zinio
Discover JPL’s digital magazine collection. Learn how to begin downloading new and back issues of over 300 popular magazine titles. Assistance will be provided for signing up and downloading the Zinio app to your mobile device. (Download1)

Computers for Beginners

Introduction to Computers
Learn the main parts of a computer and basic Windows navigation. Start a program from the start menu or desktop and learn the taskbar functions. Learn to re-size windows and create shortcuts. (Computers1)
Introduction to the Email
In this class we’ll help you set up a free email account. You’ll learn how to send, receive, reply to and forward messages. You’ll also learn to organize your mail and attach documents. (Email1)
Introduction to the Internet
This class explains the concepts of the Internet, URLs, browsers and the World Wide Web. Get tips on safe and secure Internet usage. (Internet1)
Introduction to Keyboarding
This class is intended to give a basic overview of the keyboard and some of the most commonly used keys. You will also spend time on some exercises which will allow you to practice. (Keyboarding1)
Introduction to MS Office 2010
Participants will learn the basics about Microsoft's popular Office software. Find out about the similarities and differences between Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. This class will focus on common tools and basic functions like saving files, review and basic formatting. (Devices1, Download1)

Microsoft Office 2010

MS Office 2010: Excel 1
Learn to create a simple spreadsheet using formulas and formatting.  Create a basic workbook, navigate between worksheets, become familiar with the Excel ribbon and menus, be able to format columns, rows, and cells, and be able to create and use formulas. (Office2010 Excel1)
MS Office 2010: Excel 2
Create more complex formulas.  Work with basic functions such as sorting data, filtering data, and creating charts.  Attendance in Introduction to Excel class or previous experience with MS Excel is highly recommended. (Office2010 Excel1)
MS Office 2010: Excel 3
Learn more functions and features in MS Excel 2010 to retrieve and analyze data. Learn how to use the VLOOKUP function, create PivotTables and PivotCharts, create Sparklines, use conditional formatting, and more. (Office2010 Excel1)
MS Office 2010: PowerPoint 1
Create a simple presentation, create, edit and save slides and slide shows.  You’ll learn to insert clip art, apply designs, work with views and run slide show. (Office2010 PowerPoint1)
MS Office 2010: PowerPoint 2
Participants will learn how to: modify bulleted & numbered lists, indents & line spacing; use Word Art and Shapes; animate text and objects, and use audio and video in presentations. To fully benefit from this course, you should have attended a PowerPoint 2010 Basics class, or have basic experience using PowerPoint.  (Office2010 PowerPoint1)
MS Office 2010: Publisher 1
In this hands-on class for beginners, you'll learn how to design, create, and publish a wide variety of documents using Microsoft Publisher 2010. You'll find out how Publisher's built-in layouts and templates can help you quickly complete simple newsletters, brochures, fliers and the like. (Office2010 Topics1)
MS Office 2010: Word 1
Participants will learn to open the program and find basic program functions (Office button, ribbon, help menu).  Learn to create, edit, save and print documents.  Instruction includes formatting text, cut, copy paste and using Spelling and Grammar tools. (Office2010 Word1)
MS Office 2010: Word 2
Participants will learn various MS Word layout tools and functions such as bulleted and numbered lists, columns, tables, images, page margins and more.   (Office2010 Word1)
MS Office 2010: Word 3
Participants will learn how to format a research paper using advanced MS Word functions such as table of contents, cover sheets, headers, footers, footnotes, end notes, citation manager and much more. (Office2010 Word1)

Special Topics

Introduction to Windows 8.1
This class presents a basic overview of the Windows 8 operating system. Emphasis is placed on users transitioning to Windows 8 from earlier versions but prior knowledge is not manditory. (Computers1 Special1)
Introduction to Cloud Computing
Learn the basics of cloud-based computing by exploring Google Docs and Microsoft SkyDrive. These services offer free storage and editing for many popular file formats such as MS Word, Excel and many others. (Topics1)
Introduction to Digital Devices
You will learn the differences between tablets and e-readers. Learn what iOS is and how it differs from Android. Learn the basics about tablets, phablets, and mp3 players. (Devices1 Topics1)


Open Labs & 1-on-1 Tech Tutoring

1-on-1 Tech Tutoring
One-on-one help with ebooks, email, the Internet, online applications, and basic computer instruction.   For downloadable media assistance, bring your charged laptop, e-reader or tablet with you. Times and locations vary. Visit or call your branch to sign up.
Open Lab
Free computer access for job applications, online classes, e-gov services, email and individual work. E-specialists will be on hand to answer questions and give assistance on computers, devices, downloadable media and email. (Lab1)